Mi-Pay Launched in India, Xiaomi’s UPI-Based Payments App

Mi-Pay payments app has been released in India. Xiaomi on the Redmi Go release event on Tuesday released the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) based payments app within the united states of america. The employer emphasized it has complied with information localization requirements, and the Mi Pay app has been authorized by way of the National Payments Council of India (NPCI). ICICI Bank will feature because of the price carrier provider for the Mi Pay app.

Xiaomi says the Mi Pay app will be to be had thru the Mi Apps save quickly, and that the framework might be deeply included within MIUI over the next couple of weeks so that customers will no longer want to open the Mi Pay app to make payments.

Mi-Pay app features

Mi-Pay has instead been included within the native SMS, Contacts, App Vault, and Camera scanner apps. Apart from the money switch, the UPI-primarily based Mi Pay app additionally supports recharges and invoice payments. These features match those to be had from different important UPI-based totally payments apps within the united states of america, such as Google Pay and PhonePe.

The Mi Pay UPI-primarily based payments app can also be to be had as a payments alternative on Mi.Com in addition to the Mi Store app, Xiaomi introduced at the Redmi Go release event.

Mi-Pay app history

To keep in mind, Mi-Pay was first released in China lower back in 2016. Of path, the China version was now not primarily based on the UPI framework. Reports of its access into the Indian marketplace first began rising in August remaining year, with an RBI license approval reportedly being awaited at that point in time.

Mi-Pay-1024.jpg (1024×768)

In December ultimate yr, Xiaomi announced it had started beta trying out of the Mi Pay app in India, and in February this yr, the Mi Pay app became a part of the MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM. Of course, with the release, Xiaomi is taking on established UPI-primarily based payments apps in India, which includes Google Pay and PhonePe. WhatsApp is of the path also running on its own UPI-primarily based payments device, WhatsApp Pay, that’s already in testing in India.

Best apps for gardening and yard work for spring 2019

Not all of us has an inexperienced thumb or an eye fixed for landscaping. Some humans do not even get to strive because they are so busy. Others watch HGTV over and over again and still by no means attain the yard in their dreams as it’s easy to neglect the maximum of what you learned by the time you get outdoor.

But in view that you may take your smartphone with you whilst you walk out into the backyard, there at the moment are a few digital gears that could make you a more powerful gardener. We’ve amassed together some gardening and landscaping apps that may stroll you thru how to take care of your plants and hold your backyard looking splendid.

My Lawn: A Guide to Lawn Care

My Lawn makes lawn upkeep comprehensible and creates an smooth-to-observe care plan so that you recognize which merchandise to use and whilst.

Recommendations are based on your lawn length, place, and climate. You’ll get an alert while it is time to feed, seed and water your lawn so that you will by no means need to bet. You can also create a custom lawn care plan.

Monitor the quantity of water your backyard receives every week from rain, hoses or sprinklers. Keep track of the precise needs of various components of your yard, like the parts which can be usually shaded as opposed to the elements which are usually in the solar.


Share your garden and connect to others thru the GrowIt! App (download for iOS or Android). Share pix of your plant life and ask the network for help figuring out them. The GrowIt! The community is a valuable useful resource if you’ve simply moved to a brand new vicinity. If you have got a pest it is consuming your tomatoes, as an instance, others on the app is probably able to help.

See what the people around you’re planning to get a few thought. If you find a plant you like, faucet on the records tab to discover how to grow it. The facts tab tells you the way large the plant can get, how often to water and feed it, and when it’ll bloom.

GrowIt! Teaches you ways to correctly put together your soil for something you plant, grow large veggies, and what you should and shouldn’t plant-based totally to your vicinity.


Design your outdoor living vicinity with iScape (download for iOS). Use the layout tools to make your task come to lifestyles. Snap a photograph of a place that wishes to landscape and genuinely upload flowerbeds, trees and shrubs to get an concept of what your yard will look like earlier than you begin.

IScape offers 2D and 3-D designs so you can see what your bodily outside location looks like with digital plant life. Once you have a panorama layout, you could proportion together with your partner or a landscape seasoned and get your mission commenced.

The app gives an unfastened lite model, but to advantage complete get entry to, you will need to subscribe to a month-to-month pro subscription for $20, or every year seasoned subscription for $200.


If you’ve got ever wondered approximately an unknown plant to your garden, you then want FlowerChecker (download for iOS or Android). This app has a crew of experts who let you pick out plant life, moss, lichen, and fungi.

To find out approximately your unknown plant, snap a few photos of it and add them to the app. Try to capture the one-of-a-kind parts of the plant just like the flower, leaves, and stem. The ordinary response time for an expert to identify the plant can take a couple of minutes or a few hours. So away, the group of professionals has been in a position to properly discover an average of 90 percent of flora.

Identification expenses $1 per plant uploaded. If the team cannot verify what your plant is, you won’t pay something. You’ll additionally purchase the app for a one-time value of $1.

Garden Answers

Identify flora easily with Garden Answers (download for iOS or Android). Unlike Flower Checker, this app uses superior photo popularity generation to perceive flowers in preference to an professional. Simply snap a picture and publish it to instantly get distinctive records about a plant.

To learn if your flora has pests or sicknesses, use the key-word search function to ask Garden Answers a query. If you want greater advice on gardening, ask the specialists for greater unique questions and guidelines.

Access any of your preceding plant questions and solutions in the app.

9999-garden-app-080-jpg.jpg (1000×750)


Learn approximately wholesome planting yr-round with SmartPlant (download for iOS or Android). Watch movies, view pictures and learn greater approximately how to care for your flora inside the app library.

Identify your flora and any pests that are stopping their increase. Scan plant barcodes in shops to get hold of monthly care tip notifications.

The app has a free version that gives occasional get right of entry to top-class functions. If you join premium, you may have to get right of entry to expert assistance. Premium costs $4 monthly, $10 quarterly or $35 annually.

Gardening Companion

Make your lawn immaculate with the help of Gardening Companion (download for iOS or Android). This app acts as the lawn assistant that will help you care for your plant life. Browse thru heaps of articles on horticulture to take the first-rate care of your lawn.

Track your lawn’s increase through storing photos and notes in the app’s magazine. The app statistics the weather on your region and you may compare how your garden did this 12 months in comparison with the ultimate 12 months.

Set up notifications to remind you to water and fertilize your lawn. Gardening Companion also can provide you with a warning while the time is right to plant your vegetables.


Learn what you can develop for your region with Gardenate (download for iOS or Android). The app makes use of your area to expose what is satisfactory a good way to plant every month. Access plant descriptions and growing tips to emerge as a pro.

In the app, file planting dates, harvest dates, and notes about your plants. Save the info inside the My Garden segment. The app will ship calendar reminders while it’s time to harvest your produce.

Access distinctive data approximately your plants like once they germinate and at what temperatures, how some distance aside to space your plant life and the quantity of time it takes for them to reap.

How to move and create folders for apps on any iPhone model

You spend a lot of time the use of your iPhone, so it pays to organize your apps.

Rather than flipping through page after web page of disorganized icons, you can keep all of your social media apps in a single folder and your video games in any other. Or divide your apps into pages, together with your maximum typically used ones on the primary page.

Whatever your strategy for getting prepared, here’s the way to circulate and sort your apps in your iPhone.

Move apps through dragging along with your finger

No count how you want to move or arrange your apps, you need to master the simple skill of dragging apps.

1. Tap and hold your finger on an app icon for several seconds. This is referred to as a “lengthy press,” and after approximately 3 seconds, you ought to see all the apps jiggle. Some apps may have small X’s in the upper left nook (which you may tap to delete them from your iPhone). Be certain you don’t press too tough, or you’ll instead cause Quick Actions on iPhones that help “deep presses.”

2. Tap and drag the preferred app across the screen. You ought to see the app icon pass beneath your finger, and other apps will “waft” round it as you drag.

3. Repeat step for every other app you need to move.

4. If you want to transport an app to any other page, drag it to the brink of the screen. The web page will turn, and you may launch the app on the page of your choice. If you drag an app to the proper of the last page of apps, your iPhone will create a new web page.

5. When you have placed all of the apps, press the Home button to exit this mode. On an iPhone X or later (any phone without a Home button) faucet “Done” within the upper proper nook of the display.

00.jpg (1200×676)

Create a folder in your apps

A handy manner to prepare your iPhone’s app collection is to sort your apps into folders. You could make any wide variety of folders and deliver them specific names, making it an clean way to speedy locate apps.

1. Tap and hold your finger on an app icon for several seconds until the apps jiggle.

2. Find apps that you need to save in a folder. Drag one app on top of the other – you need to see a frame appear across the app on the lowest – and let go. If you have a hassle with this, be sure that you drag the app immediately over the middle of the alternative icon. If you approach it too a long way off-middle, that app will really flow out of the manner, as in case you’re re-organizing the apps.

3. Drag any extra apps into the new folder.

4. Tap the folder. If you’re still in “jiggle mode,” you could rename the folder. Tap the name at the pinnacle of the display screen and type to exchange it.

5. Tap anywhere at the display screen to shop your adjustments to the folder.

6. When you’re carried out, press the Home button or tap “Done” inside the upper proper corner, relying upon which version iPhone you’re the use of.

If you need to put off an app from a folder, just input “jiggle mode,” open the folder and drag the app out of the folder.

A shortcut to transferring many apps immediately

Moving apps is pretty smooth, but in case you need to move a number of apps abruptly, dragging them one by one may be time-consuming. There’s an less difficult manner, but it takes two arms.

1. Tap and hold your finger on an app icon for several seconds until the apps jiggle.

2. Tap and preserve one of the apps which you want to move. Keep a finger in this app.

3. Locate any other app which you want to move and tap it. As soon as you faucet it, you should see it move to the primary app.

4. Continue tapping any extra apps you want to group together. As you try this, they may clump collectively and you will see a notification seem to indicate what number of apps you’re holding together with your finger.

5. Drag the institution of apps to a folder or to a brand new web page. They’ll all move collectively.

Google Gives Users More Choice with Location-Tracking Apps

Anyone who makes use of a mobile app knows how close the features that use region records can be, from getting turn-via-turn guidelines and finding nearby restaurants to fitness-monitoring and climate integration. But these wealthy mobile “experiences” – as app developers name them – may be a double-edged sword.

All too frequently, cell apps have insects that leak area statistics and may reason worries round privateness or maybe physical safety — so the nice exercise is to restriction when the one’s apps acquire that facts.

However, in Android, users have simplest been given two choices: To have apps track their area all of the time, or to show off location-tracking absolutely.

Google’s Android department is taking a step to address this. Android builders will quickly be able to supply customers a choice of three options for when to provide the area to an app. Those alternatives are all of the time or never. Now they have a third preference – while the app is in use.

“Previously, a user had a single manage to permit or deny an app get entry to tool vicinity, which blanketed area utilization by the app each whilst it was in use and at the same time as it wasn’t,” stated Jen Chai, product manager at Android, in a posting closing week. “Starting in Android Q, customers have a brand new option to give an app get admission to the location simplest when the app is being used; in different words, while the app is inside the foreground.”

So, a Yelp-like app may be allowed to use the consumer’s vicinity only once they open it to search for a restaurant nearby; however, an app that mechanically tracks the mileage a person drives for tax purposes can be given the green mild for heritage facts series. Users will see their new options inside the equal permissions dialog that is already provided whilst an app requests get entry to the area.

The trade brings Android in keeping with the options to be had with Apple iOS apps.

Developers writing for Android Q will need to actively upload the brand new permission information if their apps have a feature requiring “all the time” permission; in Android 9 or decrease, the ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION permission may be mechanically brought through the device.

Chai offered builders advice for great practices around privateness, too: “Consider inquiring for the location permission from customers in context, while the user is turning on or interacting with a feature that calls for it, together with while they’re looking for something close by.”

In addition, she echoed a tenet positioned forth via the E.U.’s General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR): “Only ask for the level of getting entry to required for that feature. In different phrases, don’t ask for ‘all the time’ permission if the feature only requires ‘at the same time as in use’ permission.”

Ironically, remaining summer, an Associated Press record claimed that the Google offerings time-honored on each Android and iOS telephones – along with Google Maps – store area information thru the Location History feature, even when tool users opted out. Google denied the problem, noting that there has been really a manner to opt out and that during turn brought about a lawsuit and a dialogue about the fee of clarity when it comes to supplying consumer controls, and the ethics of embedding “darkish styles,” or exploitative design selections, into mobile interfaces.

“It’s disingenuous and deceptive to have a toggle switch that doesn’t absolutely paintings,” said Jesse Victors, software program protection consultant at Synopsys, in an email to Threatpost on the time. “When Google builds a manage into Android after which does now not honor it, there is a strong potential for abuse.”

The stakes are excessive: Mobile apps can acquire vicinity data inside the history even when an app isn’t being used—which can be elaborate if that information falls into the incorrect fingers. In addition to establishing the door to unethical focused advertising practices, it’d also allow an adversary to tune someone’s actions and gain a clean photograph of their workouts and each day behavior. This could be exploited in a number of specific methods, together with the use of the statistics to mount extra convincing phishing and social-engineering attack, supporting in reconnaissance for housebreaking or maybe infant endangerment.

And indeed, place records is the 5th-most exfiltrated in cyber assaults on mobile gadgets, in step with Pradeo’s cell safety report from February.

Further, vulnerabilities that permit easier access to place data aren’t uncommon.

Top-10-Best-Mobile-Location-Tracker.png (900×675)

For example, in January the European Commission issued a do not forget for a famous smartwatch for children, citing “extreme” privateness issues that might permit a terrible actor to the song or speak with youngsters remotely.

And in November, a flaw inside the Android cell operating system became observed that would allow an attacker with bodily proximity to a WiFi router to the song the area of users in the router’s variety.

The problem (CVE-2018-9581) allowed records leakage stemming from inter-procedure communique. While packages on Android are usually segregated via the OS from each different and from the OS itself, there are nevertheless mechanisms for sharing statistics between them whilst needed. One of those mechanisms is using what Android calls “intents.”

Software or the OS itself can send an “intent” message out, which is broadcast machine-huge and can be listened to by different programs. Without proper get admission to regulations and permissions installed region round these intents, it’s possible for malicious applications to intercept facts that they shouldn’t have access to.

Simplify Your Life With the Best Minimal Apps for Your Phone

Life is complex enough without apps which might be weighed down with features you don’t need. Make your phone an oasis of calmness, tranquility, and fashionable layout picks with our selections for the fine minimalist apps of the instant—they stick normally to the activity they were made for and are smooth on the eyes.

Edison Mail (Android/iOS, free)

It’s difficult to discover a sincerely stripped-down, light-weight email patron for mobile however Edison Mail maintains its interface neat and tidy despite the fact that there are plenty of capabilities and features under the hood—it can automatically choose out attachments and payments for example, and capabilities an immediate unsubscribe characteristic. For the functions of this article even though, it sports an easy, lightweight design, and continues the whole lot transferring speedy, from syncing to searching.

Time page (iOS, freemium)

Schedules and calendars aren’t the very best records sources to expose in a minimalist way, but Time web page from Moleskine manages to do it admirably. Your messy time table is transformed into something much easier to navigate, with a choice of views available (the Timeline is perhaps our favorite). A bunch of clever functions is hidden behind the curtain as well, and the handiest downside is it’s not to be had on Android.

Google Tasks (Android/iOS, free)

Google Tasks is undoubtedly well worth a place on this listing of minimalist apps, but whether that’s by way of design or because Google simply hasn’t were given around to doing a whole lot with it but isn’t actually clean. Let’s desire the app remains as clutter-loose and lightweight as it’s far in the meanwhile, with basic features for adding and monitoring gadgets for your to-do list and not an awful lot else. The apps for Android and iOS additionally sync with the Tasks panel inside Gmail on the net.

HQ Music (Android, freemium)

Not simplest does HQ Music stick with the absolute basics in phrases of its interface design, however, it additionally gives thrilling gesture controls for adjusting volume, skipping tracks, leaping to sections of a song, and so on (a pinch gesture modifications the quantity for instance). There’s nothing fancy right here, just brief get right of entry to all of the tracks saved to your Android tool, and the now gambling widget is well minimalist as well. There’s no iOS version, sadly.

NPlayer Plus (iOS, $9)

It may be tempting for video apps to try to stuff as many capabilities as feasible into the interface, but although nPlayer Plus has plenty of alternatives and tricks to strive out, it in no way feels busy or perplexing—the focal point is at the content material. The app supports a bunch of codecs and offerings and comes with playback velocity manage, playlist support, file management, gesture controls and greater. If you’re on Android, strive the freemium MX Player.

Signal (Android/iOS, free)

Some would call Signal simple and simplistic as compared with opponents like Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, however, we’d call it refreshingly minimalist—it sticks to the essentials of messaging and calling, and what more capabilities it does have are properly hidden away within the history. You get all of the different benefits of Signal as well of direction, which includes cease-to-give up encryption, the option of messages that disappear, record sharing, and so forth.

Nokia-8-Wallpapers-Download.jpeg (1024×680)

Notion (Android/iOS, freemium)

Notion defies smooth categorization, but it’s a sort of Evernote-esque all-in-one notice-taking and mission control device (it runs on the web and laptop as well as mobile). As properly as being sensible and intuitive, the interface of the app is also easy and easy to apply—your duties and your notes are easy to arrange and think about at a glance, and you have to locate your self just a little much less weighed down by using the whole thing you want to hold track of.

Overcast (iOS, freemium)

When it involves podcast players, you’ve got plenty of options, however as a long way as minimalist aesthetics cross, our favorite is Overcast. It’s got some actually neat features, like variable playback speeds and a nap timer, but whichever display you’re on, the whole lot feels nicely designed and assuredly laid out. You’re out of luck in case you’re now not on iOS, however, the currently remodeled Pocket Casts is worth checking out for $four on Android and iOS.

Kiwi Browser (Android, free)

What do you want in a web browser on your telephone? If it’s pace and simplicity then the minimalist Kiwi Browser fits the invoice perfectly: It comes with all the basics you want to get across the web, however, cuts down at the extra clutter to depart you with an app that’s refreshingly minimalist. It can automatically dispose of intrusive commercials from pages as nicely. This is Android simplest, however, Brave is likewise a great free desire and available on both Android and iOS.

5 ways to properly secure new technology

In delayed 2018, database errors uncovered the personal records of nearly one million sufferers at the University of Washington Medicine. The hassle turned into located whilst an affected person Googled their personal call and stumbled throughout a file with the facts.

Data breaches are not specific to the University of Washington Medicine (UW). In 2018, US groups skilled 12,449 statistics breaches, a 424% increase over 2017. In UW Medicine’s case, the breach became due to an inner human error that took place whilst information changed into moved from one server to any other.

“We have visible a massively wide variety of breaches and failures due to human errors, and it is time for it to prevent,” said Robert Reeves, Co-founder, and CTO of Datical, which provides database release automation answers.

“When GitLab’s manufacturing database went down, the company took three days to restore it, and customers had been not able to fully control their source code,” Reeves continued. “The AWS S3 outage became as a result of guide typing errors, which delivered down numerous websites that relied on S3. Of route, the most widely recognized data breach changed into Equifax, in which they did not patch Apache Struts, because of no automation for application release and updates.”

Preventing human errors

So what training was learned from these protection breaches?

“Humans frequently overestimate their capabilities and make errors,” said Reeves. “Or, even worse, they underestimate the talents of database specialists and decide there is no want for them.”

Reeves emphasized they want to automate protection and machine standards in order that the capability for human error is removed from the system. “This is specifically important for businesses that cope with in my view identifiable data (PII), or any sort of touchy facts,” he said. “The backside line is: Do now not put it on the Internet if you have no longer automatic each aspect of the device.”

No easy fix

As simple as this sounds, automation is not smooth.

IT projects priorities frequently outpace infrastructure improvements in company visibility. Consequently, crucial projects like ensuring a robust catastrophe recovery plan or bolstering agency security with robust requirements and automation get moved towards the bottom of the listing—till a chief machine failure or security breach exposes the organization.

“Just like we vigorously take a look at motors and medical device, we must have rigorous requirements and compliance enforcement with new technology. It’s without a doubt negligent to use new technology to a system without making sure sensitive records is not exposed,” stated Reeves.

However, with the increase of citizen improvement and person-controlled IT operations in companies, enhancing safety techniques must not be at the lowest of any assignment listing. Instead, CIOs must propose more robust IT safety with the aid of growing cognizance of chance management for the CEO, the board, and other C-level executives.

secure-chorus.jpg (866×473)

Five ways

How can CIOs keep away from those probably profession-threatening occasions? Below are five guidelines on a way to make certain that new technology and systems are well secured.

1. Mandate corporate safety standards are carried out to any new generation earlier than deployment.

This step is actually essential, as greater IT control is placed within the fingers of cease customers eager to installation as speedy as viable.

2. Secure C-stage and board aid for widely wide-spread software of protection requirements

IT cannot put in force everyday security standards without board-level, CEO-stage, and C-level buy-in. If commitment seems lukewarm, quit users controlling the systems will paintings around recommendations and security vulnerabilities will still exist. The equal go for IT. If the IT group of workers best half of-heartedly enforces protection standards, it could reduce code and set up structures—leaving protection conformance behind if there are time limits to fulfill.

3. Automate protection procedure each time feasible

The extra you can automate security strategies and checkpoints to ensure sturdy protection, the extra you can dispose of human errors.

4. Continuously enhance security as threats exchange

Hackers realize their exchange, so they are continuously inventing new approaches to hack and penetrate networks. Your safety chance exams and methods also need to modify as wanted.

5. Link IT safety control with the organization’s typical danger management assessments

IT protection desires to rank as excessive as market and economic risk assessments. This way security’s importance will achieve better visibility in the eyes of CEOs, the board and C-level executives.

Toyota doubles down on Nvidia tech for self-driving cars

Toyota is deepening its dating with Nvidia because the automaker and its research hands in Japan and the U.S. Ramps up its self-driving car improvement software.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang introduced Monday during his keynote on the 2019 GPU Technology Conference that Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development — the automaker’s Japan-based totally research arm — is the use of the chipmaker’s full cease-to-quit development and production to expand, educate and validate its independent car technology. The partnership builds on an ongoing collaboration with Toyota and is based totally on improvement among engineering groups from Nvidia, TRI-AD in Japan and Toyota Research Institute inside the United States.

This new settlement approach Toyota will use Nvidia’s platform for education deep neural networks, checking out, validation and eventual deployment for its cars. Toyota is likewise using Nvidia’s newly launched AV simulator Drive Constellation, that is now to be had to customers. Toyota is the first purchaser to use Constellation, a cloud-primarily based platform that allows autonomous automobile developers to test their technology inside the digital international.

In short, Toyota goes to apply Nvidia’s generation for the whole workflow or process to expand self-sufficient motors.

“Close collaboration is really our commercial enterprise version,” Danny Shapiro, Nvidia’s senior director of automotive stated Monday. “It’s our way of growing collectively and constructing the Nvidia drivers platform.”

Nvidia and Toyota were participating for numerous years now. Toyota announced in 2017 it might use Nvidia’s Drive PX supercomputer, a platform with a processor referred to as Xavier, to electricity the independent driving systems interior its destiny cars.

Toyota and its studies arms TRI and Japan-primarily based TRI-AD are taking a dual method to autonomy.

Toyota intends to eventually set up fully self-sustaining cars that could serve aged and disabled humans underneath its so-called Chauffeur device. The automaker is also working on “Guardian,” a gadget for production automobiles to be able to function within the background and step in whilst needed. The driving force is always driving, however, Guardian is watching, sensing and awaiting problems.

It’s unclear if Toyota will use Nvidia’s platform for the improvement of the Guardian device or fully self-sufficient motors.

uploads%2Fcard%2Fimage%2F416887%2F932418ea-d26e-4e3d-bf15-6aa1e9edb530.jpg%2F950x534__filters%3Aquality%2890%29.jpg (950×534)

“Our imaginative and prescient is to enable self-driving cars with the final aim of decreasing fatalities to zero, allowing smoother transportation, and offering mobility for all,” TRI-AD CEO James Kuffner stated in a statement. “Our era collaboration with Nvidia is essential to comprehend this vision. We trust large-scale simulation gear for software validation and trying out are crucial for automatic using structures.”

Toyota is simply certainly one of several automobile partnerships Nvidia has locked in given that 2015 while it added its original structure for self-sufficient cars, a supercomputer platform referred to as Drive PX. The unique platform was designed to the system all the facts coming from the car’s cameras and sensors after which use an AI set of rules-primarily based running machine and a cloud-based, excessive-definition 3-d map to help the car apprehend its surroundings, recognize its location, and assume ability risks at the same time as riding.

Nazara, Delta Corp invest Rs 40 cr in Halaplay Tech

Mumbai-based fancy sports company Halaplay Technologies has raised Rs 40 crore from cell gaming startup Nazara Technologies, an present investor, and India-indexed casino gaming enterprise Delta Corp in a Series-A spherical of investment.

The startup, which operates each day fable sports platform and counts Kae Capital as a seed degree investor, plans to use the finances to reinforce its marketing and product improvement and expand its crew. Before this infusion, it had raised about Rs 8 crore because it was founded in January 2017 by means of Swapnil Saurav, Prateek Anand, Ananya Singhal, and Aman Kesari.

The agency stated it noticed a tenfold boom inside the number of users inside the beyond the year and that it turned into seeking to develop with over one crore lively players in the upcoming cricket season.

This is the most effective funding in myth gaming by way of Nazara, which has been making an investment in segments which includes actual cash gaming and top rate esports. Around one hundred million Indians are anticipated to play fantasy game by means of the cease of this yr, consistent with a joint report through the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming and marketplace research firm AC Nielsen.

gaming2.jpg (810×506)

The phase is presently led via Tencent-sponsored Dream11, which has raised over $100 million and claimed to have a user base of 50 million in February this 12 months. Dream 11has held talks with hedge fund Steadview Capital for a clean spherical of investment which may catapult its valuation to $1billion, as in keeping with a document by using VCCircle.

NVIDIA’s ray tracing tech will soon run on older GTX cards

NVIDIA has introduced that its ray-tracing tech, only to be had on its new RTX playing cards thus far, is coming to its older GeForce GTX 10-collection playing cards in April. The generation will paintings on GPUs from the GTX 1060 and up, albeit with a few critical caveats. Some games like Battlefield V will run simply nice and deliver higher visuals, but other games, like the freshly launched Metro Exodus, will run at just 18 fps at 1440p — manifestly an unplayable body-price.

What video games you may be able to play with ray-tracing tech (additionally known as DXR) on NVIDIA GTX playing cards depends totally on how it’s applied. In Battlefield V, for instance, the tech is simplest used for things like reflections. On top of that, you may dial down the energy of the impact so that it consumes much less computing horsepower.

Metro Exodus, on the other hand, makes use of ray tracing to create especially practical “global illumination” outcomes, simulating lights from the real world. It’s the first sport that absolutely showed the capacity of RTX playing cards and in reality, generated a few exhilaration about the tech. However, because it is so computationally in depth, GTX cards (which do not have the RTX tensor cores) will efficaciously be too gradual to run it.

NVIDIA defined that once it becomes first growing the next-gen RTX tech, it discovered chips the use of Pascal tech might be “monster” sized and consume as much as 650 watts. That’s due to the fact the older playing cards lack both the integer cores and tensor cores discovered at the RTX cards. They get especially caught on ray-tracing, running about four instances slower than the RTX playing cards on Metro Exodus.

Since Metro Exodus is so closely ray-traced, the RTX cards run it 3 instances quicker than older GTX 10-collection cards. However, that falls to two instances for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and 1.6 times for Battlefield V, due to the fact both of these video games use ray tracing less. The brand new GTX 1660 and 1660 Ti GPUs, which do not have RT but do have integer cores, will run ray-traced video games moderately higher than last-gen 10-series GPUs.

None of this turned into an awful lot of an issue up until now, due to the fact there have been clearly no games apart from Battlefield V that took benefit of ray tracing. However, NVIDIA also announced that Unity and Unreal Engine, the 2 largest gaming engines, now guide ray-tracing. That way that builders can put in force the tech by way of basically simply flipping it on, making it probable you’ll see it in greater video games quickly.

NVIDIA also unveiled a brand new set of gear for the one’s recreation engines known as GameWorks RTX to be able to assist builders put into effect ray-traced video games. It includes the RTX Denoiser SDK that allows actual-time ray-tracing through strategies that reduce the desired ray count and a wide variety of samples in step with the pixel. It will assist ray-traced results like location mild shadows, glossy reflections, ambient occlusion and diffuse worldwide illumination (the latter is used in Metro Exodus). Suffice to mention, all of these matters will make a sport look loads prettier.

NvidiaSiggraph_Promo.jpg (770×400)

Finally, the organization unveiled a few extra ray-traced games and studies, inclusive of Nexon’s Dragonhound (proven above), Quake II RTX, and demo video called Control. NVIDIA will show off all of those video games at GDC, so we’ll try to get a more in-depth appearance.

It’s been a yr because NVIDIA unveiled RTX GPUS, and the technology is off to a sluggish begin, to mention the least. Now that some games are arriving, NVIDIA is at the least doing the proper component with the aid of unlocking the tech for buyers of older cards. Just preserve your expectancies low when NVIDIA releases RT drivers for GTX cards a subsequent month.

JP Morgan’s tech connect opens doors for the differently abled talent pool

Financial services most important JP Morgan India, which piloted its worldwide Tech Connect programme within the country final 12 months, has leveraged the opportunity to recruit otherwise-abled folks in the front-and-center software engineer roles.

The India cohort of Tech Connect, a 12-week intensive Java schooling programme that speedy-tracks individuals with minimum coding experience into software program engineers, has generally hearing-impaired candidates, a few with low imaginative and prescient whilst others are bodily challenged.

These applicants had been recruited from nearby NGOs in Bengaluru, especially Win-Vinaya Foundation, which works in collaboration with NASSCOM Foundation to enhance recruitment possibilities for STEM (technology, era, engineering, and arithmetic) graduates in this area. Tech Connect graduates – none of whom knew how to code previous to the schooling — turns into full-time software engineers at JPMC, having completed the boot camp in advance this month.

“We chose this cohort because that is an beneath-represented populace in India with little access to assisted technology, academic gear etc. STEM schooling for humans with bodily disabilities in the USA usually suffers due to this,” stated Gaurav Ahluwalia, head of human assets, Global Services Centre, JP Morgan.

“Through this pilot, we need to try to provide an alternative talent pipeline for our global technology commercial enterprise,” he said. The employer said it has attempted to create a paradigm shift to help in another way-abled human secure significant employment. Not handiest does the programme have Indian signal language interpreters working in tandem with the running shoes, however, managers too are taken thru a sensitization programme if you want to help Tech Connect grads combine with their colleagues. “It’s about the right trainers, the proper gear and the right mindset,” Ahluwalia said, adding that he was hoping that attention about the success of this pilot will assist it to seize on in different corporations and beneath-represented sections.

photo-1532356884227-66d7c0e9e4c2 (1000×667)

Jayashree S, an aspiring young engineer from Mysore who completed her MCA from the Pooja Bhavat Memorial Mahajana PG College, is part of Tech Connect. Being in another way-abled, she confronted challenges getting hired after passing out in 2017. She then reached out to the WinVinaya Foundation wherein, in collaboration with NASSCOM Foundation, she went through a professional development course.

When JP Morgan began operating with WinVinaya, Jayashree changed into one of the first that the team met. “My manager and four stages of managers above her are all ladies technologists (leading all of the ways up GT CIO, Lori Beer). I am genuinely assured that I will soon lead teams of my very own and manipulate terrific tasks like those technologists,” she said. Globally, Tech Connect is celebrating its 5th yr in 2019, having trained extra than two hundred candidates across America and EMEA (gender, experiential, training).