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In the beyond a decade, Indians have fallen in love with their automobiles, but current media reviews indicate that this honeymoon may be drawing to an end. The passion for cars and motorcycles has led to impressive growth in the automobile sector, that is visible around us – maximum neighborhoods have swanky new dealerships and petrol stations, not to mention chock-a-block traffic that we see all around.


Based on the latest reports, a segment of automobile-zone is already calling for government handouts, which the media appears to be echoing. However, when one appears at city roads clogged with traffic, one wonders if a bit of shakeout or maybe the disappearance of a few automotive manufacturers wouldn’t be a horrific thing for urban India.

Shouldn’t the Government Step in to Help the Automotive Sector?!

According to reports from the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), the Indian vehicle sales in April declined by using almost 16per cent as compared to the last yr. Almost half of one million passenger cars worth $five billion, in addition to 3 million two-wheelers worth $2.5 billion, are mendacity unsold at dealerships.

The zone employs round 32 million people throughout the usa, and any slowdown is bound to impact jobs and local groups. However, the strike comes after years of stellar increase, and there can be little sympathy for auto producers or sellers that have been benefiting from the boom.

While taxes from the vehicle-income account for a percentage of its sales, the authorities are probably reluctant to bail out an industry due for a correction.

An Argument Against Bailing Out the Automotive Sector

There are several motives why the Indian authorities and policymakers must refrain from stepping in, and permit the market forces to run the direction:

This slowdown and declining sales may be as a result of consumption fatigue: There are simplest such a lot of motors Indian roads can accommodate, and Indians aren’t as at risk of swapping their antique vehicles to newer models as western drivers are. Incentivizing clients to hold to artificially gasoline demand is merely going to delay the inevitable slowdown.

Parking wars in residential regions are all too commonplace, and maximum neighborhoods are already saturated with a high density of vehicles. Most smaller residences and houses in Urban India haven’t provisioned for parking spots, forcing citizens to park on slender roads nearby. The 25-30 ft wide roads designed to accommodate just cars passing every other get jammed while vehicles are parked along too — a radical proposal with the aid of Karnataka’s Dy. Chief Minister asking capacity vehicle-customers to illustrate the supply to be had parking spot while making use of for registration was quickly buried after it became leaked to the media.

Car ownership now not a millennial’s dream – Ride-sharing, Ola, Uber and clean get admission to to public transit have caused a phase of millennials refraining from car ownership. While a few discover public transit and journey-share handy, some millennials are also creating a statement – that life without automobiles suggests they’re environmentally aware.

A slowdown will take a look at the resilience of the industry, especially foreign automobile-giants which have been taking advantage of the boom. The marketplace forces will also be a litmus check to pick out the multinationals that are right here for the long haul.

The monetary effect of the slowdown within the Indian automobile industry is being scrutinized in public forums. However, Indian society isn’t always as addicted to automobiles and motors as Americans, and other westerners are. There are genuinely extra modes of transport in the city of India if the bulk of Indian center-elegance consumers have determined that they want fewer vehicles, more electricity to them.

The Indian automobile enterprise has been targeted on fulfilling the call for classic motors, and perhaps were given a piece complacent. There is infrequently any domestic innovation in emerging regions like low-emission and electric-automobile technologies in which the rest of the world is moving toward.

A shakeout inside the enterprise may force some players to are seeking opportunities in that not noted quarter this is due for an increase. Fewer automobiles on busy Indian roads wouldn’t be an awful factor in any case.

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