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My teenage daughter’s face flooded with anxiety as she uttered the words any father fears to listen. No, no longer the one’s phrases. But now not excellent: “Dad, I assume I spilt water on my pc.”

I snatched up her 2017 MacBook Air and fasted tapped a random collection of keys earlier than thumping the distance bar a bunch of instances with one thumb. When that failed to revive the drowned device, I held down the strength button for a long term while reattaching the energy cable. Still not anything. My novice toolbox empty, I decided to name a seasoned.


Shain Cox become born and raised in Santa Barbara. As a child, concerned with computer systems, he tore aside his dad’s 2005 IBM laptop and positioned it back together. In university, at the University of Redlands, in which he earned a degree in commercial enterprise administration, he loved solving his buddies’ computers. Encouraged via his housemate, Cox commenced charging for his talents, which now variety from home computer repair and data recuperation to network trouble-fixing and home-theatre installation, plus an extensive menu of commercial enterprise services. In 2015, Cox founded AnyTechCA

Cox prefers PC and Linux devices due to the fact “they’re simpler to customise and preserve,” he stated. “But I by and large provider Apple gadgets on account that they’re so usually used. Repairs performed with the aid of Apple can be very pricey, and I can provide decrease prices and a faster turnaround than their Genius Bar.” Whatever the tool, he introduced, “I’d propose that everyone use a cloud backup machine for their records, because nearby garage is a common factor of failure, especially with difficult mechanical drives.” He also recommends setting updating with a tech expert who can reveal the health of your gadgets over a long time, similar to finding and sticking with a dependable vehicle mechanic.

Cox didn’t hesitate to offer me a name with updates at the restore of my daughter’s laptop. He additionally set her up with an established loaner even as hers turned into the shop. I’d want to assume she now has an extra appreciation for her decal-blanketed MacBook Air, and I realise she discovered a precious lesson: Computers and water don’t blend.

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple will manufacture a new edition of its Mac Pro laptop in China, shifting production of the purest relevant product the agency has assembled inside the United States outside the you. S. A ., a person acquainted with the plans stated on Friday.

The circulate, reported on Friday by The Wall Street Journal, became discovered amid heightened exchange tensions with China. The man or woman familiar with Apple’s plans become not legal to discuss them publicly.

The Mac Pro, an excessive-end computing device pc that sells for $6,000, debts for a small part of Apple’s income, but it’s miles an extraordinary instance of an American era organisation’s try to do new manufacturing in the United States.

Apple’s leader government, Timothy D. Cook, went on high-time television in 2012 to announce that the employer might make a Mac pc within the United States, the original Apple product in years to be synthetic by using American people. The top-of-the-line Mac Pro, constructed in a facility in Austin, Tex., could come with the inscription “Assembled in the USA,” Mr Cook said.
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