Computers - March 5, 2024


Dubai: Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has donated 3,536 computer units to Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Establishment.

The donation comes inside the context of RTA’s social obligation and international contributions of RTA’s Charity Foundation.



Mohammad Obaid Al Mulla, RTA board member and chairman of RTA’s Charity Foundation, stated: “The step is also consistent with RTA’s strategic course of offering a helping hand to the ones less fortunate within the academic field from pleasant international locations.”

Items donated encompass computers, printers, toners, keyboards, chargers, batteries, servers and displays. The Personal Computers Reconditioning Centre of Dubai Municipality, which has a settlement with the Establishment, rehabilitated the gadgets.

RTA is in search of to beautify its charitable activities inside the UAE and abroad. It has launched numerous projects in this regard in coordination with strategic companions, inclusive of running a Meals on Wheels initiative for the first time out of doors the UAE in a far-flung village in Thailand.

The RTA has donated 400 faculty luggage and 50 bicycles for college kids in Uganda and Tanzania. It additionally provided numerous tuk-tuks (rickshaw) to help a few families address their living costs in Egypt, further to school components for 400 college students.

KLOSTERNEUBURG, Austria, June 28, 2019 — Physicists from the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) used a mechanical oscillator to provide entangled radiation. According to the research crew, this is the first time a mechanical object has been used to create entangled emission. Beyond its significance for fundamental physics, one of this device may want to at some point be used to hyperlink sensitive quantum computer systems with the optical fibres that join computer networks.

Classical computer systems are commonly related via optical fibres because optical radiation is robust against disturbances that might corrupt or destroy information. To apply this generation to quantum computer systems, a link that may convert the quantum computer’s microwave photons to optical records carriers, or a tool that generates entangled microwave-optical fields as a resource for quantum teleportation, could be required. Such a link or device could function a bridge between the room- temperature optical and the cryogenic quantum global. “What we’ve built is a prototype for a quantum link,” researcher Shabir Barzanjeh stated.

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