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AutoMotive - February 11, 2024

A new scholarship presented to attract students to the automobile manufacturing industry

A new scholarship presented to attract students to the automobile manufacturing industry 1

There’s a brand new push, with a large payoff, to recruit extra students to paintings at one in every of Alabama’s car production flora. A new scholarship could be presented to 50 students who pursue that profession.

Alabama’s automotive region has surely taken off over the past two decades; it’s now the third biggest in the U.S. and nonetheless growing. In the subsequent two years, 10,000 automobile jobs will be to be had on this kingdom, now the enterprise desires the humans to fill the one’s jobs.

“There’s a massive need, never visible earlier than in our nation, and these are top notch jobs,” stated JeffnL Lynn, Vice Chancellor of Workforce Development for the Alabama Community College System. “We have so many car production enterprise jobs inside the kingdom of Alabama, especially with the growth of Mazda-Toyota in Huntsville location.”

This scholarship is all approximately recruiting humans now, humans in Alabama, assisting them to get the schooling and education they need, and growing a strong group of workers within the state.

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“These are wonderful careers, in which a scholar can pop out of excessive school, take 2 years of education at one among our network schools, and start with earnings of around $ fifty-five,000 a year,” Lynn stated.

That’s simply how it worked for Michael McDaniel, now a plant engineer at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama.

“I started out the spring of 2017 at Trenholm, I did two years and currently graduated in December,” explained McDaniel. “Got a diploma in business upkeep.”

The new scholarship, a partnership among the Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association and the Alabama Community College System, is an effort to draw extra people like Michael.

“The scholarship is sure to beautify the opportunity for our students to get an outstanding career in Alabama,” Lynn said.

The car enterprise performs a huge role in Alabama’s bottom line. Every job at a plant like Hyundai, Mercedes, Honda, and Mazda-Toyota, surely creates 5 to six other jobs inside the network. These are jobs in easy and secure surroundings, with incredible blessings, which can be growing wealth inside the state of Alabama, in line with Lynn.

A total of $one hundred eighty,000 can be awarded to 50 college students who’ve at the least a 2.Five GPA. The scholarship money has long past closer to one in every of 14 automotive-associated applications which might be presented at network faculties in almost every nook of the state.

The closing date to apply for this scholarship is Feb. 28.

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