5 Tips for Reaching Out to Journalists on Twitter

Email remains considered the first-class medium for pitching to journalists, but that’s no longer to mention that social media – and Twitter mainly – must be ruled out altogether. The hassle is that Twitter is a quick-flowing platform, where a mild method can imply messages wander away, whilst an instantaneous technique is often taken as […]

How To Apply Social Selling To A Social Media Marketing Campaign

Traditional income tactics have begun to shift the way to social media networks. Social selling leverages social networks and gives salespeople the potential to attach at once with clients. In 2016, LinkedIn determined that 90% of top-acting salespeople use social media as part of their sales method. Social promoting is predicated on having robust, nicely-built […]

Social media linked to the rise in mental health disorders in teens, survey finds

Mental health problems have risen drastically over the last decade and the rise of digital media may be one reason why in line with a countrywide survey launched Thursday. The research, published by the American Psychological Association, observed sharp will increase inside the number of young adults and children who pronounced experiencing terrible mental symptoms […]

108 economists, social scientists put doubts on the credibility of govt data

An institution of 108 economists and social scientists on Thursday wondered the credibility of India’s professional statistics. The economists, from top Indian and overseas institutes, also called upon their colleagues from across the ideological spectrum to effect upon the government, regardless of the celebration in strength, “to restore get admission to and integrity to public […]

Social media abuzz with calls for boycott of Chinese products

Beijing’s block to the UN resolution asserting Masood Azhar a worldwide terrorist has brought about a tirade in India in opposition to China, with social media customers and change our bodies calling for the boycott of Chinese services and products. While Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and ShareChat were abuzz with anti-China rants, the Confederation of All […]

Was The Era Of ‘Big Data’ Social Media Based on False Hype?

One of the most surprising findings whilst searching again at Twitter’s evolution from 2012 to 2018 is simply how small it seems social media simply is. For years the public narrative around social systems has been that they have been the flag bearers of the “large facts” revolution, maintaining a number of the biggest datasets […]

This could be the beginning of the end for Facebook’s social network

Facebook’s future is personal messaging. That a great deal was clear from a put up CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared on Wednesday outlining the organization’s newly stated course. Intimate, encrypted, personal messaging offerings like WhatsApp and Messenger are in. Facebook’s semi-public, not-very-private News Feed is out. “I agree with the destiny of conversation will more and […]

Here’s the key to social media marketing for real estate agents and LOs

Most real estate and loan specialists agree that growing content and the usage of social media is important to achieving customers and referral companions in nowadays’s a market. As essential as it’s miles, many of them still discover it overwhelming. Social media is frequently romanticized as a magic bullet, and whilst the luster wears off […]

The Best Ways to Use Social Media to Expand Your Network

I’m a big believer within the power of social media to diversify and evolve one’s community, construct on the energy of susceptible ties, and nurture relationships over the years. I’ve visible the business fee of social media firsthand as the founder and CEO of 3 technology startups, and as a product executive at LinkedIn. My […]

Is Facebook Becoming Social Media’s Retirement Home?

Could it be that Facebook is becoming social media’s retirement domestic? Although that query might seem a touch bit along way-fetched, younger humans are leaving the social community in droves at the same time as increasing numbers of over-55s are signing up. In a fashionable, Facebook is suffering to preserve its user base and nowadays […]