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Chicago Police Shooting – What Really Happened?

Chicago Police Shooting - What Really Happened? 1

The Chicago Police Department released dashcam video showing police officers shooting at and wounding a man multiple times, saying it was the only way to prevent a “horrific crime.” But the video doesn’t show exactly what happened before the officers opened fire.

A Chicago police officer was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop. This case is already getting national attention because of the officer’s name.

In January 2016, a white police officer shot and killed a black man named Laquan McDonald, 17, after he was pulled over for walking in a neighborhood where he wasn’t supposed to be. This incident was captured on a police dash cam, and it’s been circulating the Internet for months.

The dashcam footage has spurred a movement against police brutality, and this story is now being covered by major news outlets like CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC.

The murder of Laquan McDonald by Chicago police on October 20th, 2014, has caused outrage among the public. It has also drawn attention to the systemic problems in the department. Since the shooting video was released, several people have been fired, one being the superintendent. This sparked a major investigation into the department’s and its officials’ actions. As of December 1, 2016, Officer Jason Van Dyke was charged with first-degree murder.

Chicago Police

What happened in Chicago?

The video of Laquan McDonald’s shooting is a hot topic on the Internet, and rightfully so. This young black teenager was shot dead by a white police officer.

A lot of people are calling for justice, but what happened? Did the officer do his job properly?

1. The following is a statement that Mr. Eric Harris’s family has given. It was originally released to the media in January 2009 and then re-released on October 25,

  1. It was then updated with new information in December 2012 and again in February.
  2. We thank everyone for your support and prayers during this difficult time. Our family appreciates every one of you. “Eric was a very loving person who cared deeply about others. He loved life and enjoyed being around people.

Why was a police officer shot?

What happened when a Chicago Police officer shot Laquan McDonald?

When I first saw the dashcam footage, I thought it was fake. The images seemed too real, and there were no red flags. But as I watched the video, I realized the cop was shot within a minute of pulling the trigger.

I still can’t believe this happened, and I know that many others feel the same way. After all, the officer involved was shot multiple times, and there were no witnesses.

The officer in question is a 28-year veteran of the force, and he is on paid administrative leave.

According to the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA), the cop who shot McDonald will be charged with second-degree murder. However, many people are upset that this is not enough.

I’m not here to talk about the shooting. I’m here to discuss how the case could have been handled differently.

Why was a police officer shot?

The officer’s name is Jason Van Dyke, and he’s been accused of shooting McDonald 16 times.

Van Dyke was off-duty at the time of the shooting. He was working as a lawyer at the time, and he was wearing his uniform and carrying a gun.

As a lawyer, he should have known better.

When police officer is off-duty, they are required to carry a handgun. This means they can’t use deadly force unless they feel their life is in danger.

In this case, the officer did not have a reason to shoot. The dash cam shows him drawing his weapon and firing it multiple times before realizing he has no idea who McDonald is.

The Chicago Police Department

The shooting of Laquan McDonald has caused a wave of outrage among Chicagoans and Americans alike. The police department claims that McDonald was trying to grab the officer’s gun and that the officer feared for his life.

But why did the police officer shoot McDonald 16 times? According to the Chicago Tribune, the officer thought McDonald had a weapon on him, so he shot him. The CPD’s Independent Review Board cleared the officer of wrongdoing, but the officer was suspended for 30 days.

The Chicago Police Department is the most corrupt in America, and its officers are frequently involved in drug crimes, abuse of authority, and other misconduct. 

The Independent Investigation

You might ask yourself, “How do I know if I’m seeing a bias or inaccuracy?” If you are, you’re not alone.

I’ve seen many videos that seem false and seem to lack context. In many other cases, an individual with something negative to say about an organization, person, or cause would use a video to make their point.

While this is unfortunate, it’s not a huge deal. You can easily find videos with similar claims, and you can use that information to decide whether the claims are accurate.

If you find a claim that doesn’t make sense, use the following steps to verify its accuracy.

  1. Google the claim

The more results you can find on Google, the more confident you’ll be in your decision.

  1. Do your research

Use YouTube to look for related videos.

  1. Contact the organization

Let the organization know that you found a video that made a false claim, and ask if you can get a response.

  1. Check if the claim is true.

If you don’t find anything, then the claim must be false.

  1. Contact the source

If the claim is false, contact the person who made it, and ask them to provide proof.

In this case, the video claims that the officer shot McDonald multiple times after he reached for his waistband. However, the footage shows McDonald did not go for his band until the officer drew his gun.

After being shot, McDonald fell to the ground and died.

This is a perfect example of how the video was misleading.

Frequently asked Questions about Chicago Police Shooting 

Q: Why are the police shooting at young black males in Chicago?

A: The officers are just doing their job. They are supposed to protect and serve, and they are required to follow all the laws regarding using force.

Q: Do you think the officers were justified in using deadly force?

A: It depends on what exactly happened. If the officers found a gun, then yes. If they did not find a weapon, then no.

Q: Is it fair that the police only target young black men?

A: I don’t know if it’s fair. The police need to do their job. They need to protect everyone in the community, not just one group.

Q: Why is the city of Chicago so corrupt?

A: There is no simple answer to this question. People have different views about things. We all have our own opinions and our reasons for thinking.

Top myths about Chicago Police Shooting 

  1. The police shooting was racially motivated.
  2. The police were racially profiling African Americans.
  3. A police officer committed a crime.


The case has been turned over to the FBI for investigation, but police said they ound anosuspects.

Authorities said that the officers were responding to a 911 call about a robbery when they came upon the man, allegedly armed with a knife. The man then began running away from the officers.

The officers fired shots at the man, and he fell to the ground. He was taken to the hospital, where he died of his injuries.

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