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Tech - November 28, 2023

Four New Technological Innovations For The 2022-23 National Hockey League

Four New Technological Innovations For The 2022-23 National Hockey League 1

Technology has become a big part of different industries, including various sports. Many people that play at an online casino can testify to how technology has improved the way they play games and increased their chances of winning more than they lose. Sports fans can also attest to the improvements that come with technological innovations. 

One of the sports enjoying new tech innovations is hockey. The sport’s experience is improving, and fan engagement is getting better. Undoubtedly, we now have more players wanting their time following the sport. We can see how incredible the players have gained and what they have to offer. 

The NHL is the biggest benefactor of these new technological innovations. Every season, we get something new, and the 2022-23 season comes with something exciting. We can tell that it would help make the league better. Players, fans, coaches, and other stakeholders will enjoy these innovations more. 

As the new season is underway and each team is fighting for a spot in the playoffs, let’s check out the technological innovations the league is exploring to help improve how we experience the game and improve player safety. These innovations have different contributions, and we can tell they are worth checking out. 

NHL plans to deploy Puck and Player Tracking technology next season

Face-off Probability Stats

One of the most recent innovative ideas for the 2022-23 season is the Face-off probability statistic model. Although it was introduced in early 2022, it will get into full use throughout the 2022-23 season. The technology, in conjunction with Amazon Web Services and the NHL, will determine the likelihood that the players in the circle will win the next face-off.

The Web Services software will use years’ worth of data and in-game analytics and put it together with the location of a game situation, face-off, and player performance. The objective is for the software to provide the percentage chance the player would come away with the puck. 

Since the face-off is a critical component in a series of events leading to an outcome, this technology will serve the stakeholders’ interest, and we can be sure of accurate readings. The goal remains to get the best statistical lessons and to keep the information accessible.  

Tracking Technology for Puck and Players

The pucks available for the 2022-23 season will come with tracking technology. Fans will now have access to the information the tracking technology provides. Although coaches have had access in the past to player and puck-tracking technologies for many years, they will go into total circulation in the new season. 

As a result, the tracking technology will continue to help coaches to improve their tactics and learn from their mistakes. They can also continue to push the teams to get better with their play, and as a result, the league will be competitive, and for many seasons, we’ll enjoy more exciting experiences. 

Each of the arenas in the NHL will have 14-16 infrared cameras to track the sensors inside the pucks and jerseys for every game. They will then generate data for teams, fans, and media. In that case, there is more for everyone to enjoy because the game becomes more accessible, and fans can be part of the action. 

Review Rule Permitting Disallowed Penalties

To keep the sport competitive and exciting, the rules are reviewed ahead of the new season, and thanks to the introductions of different technologies, some governments have improved. Now, referees can nullify a significant penalty after they go through a video review. It is to keep the game fair and balanced. 

Before now, officials could confirm the initial significant penalty call or drop it to a minor penalty. But with the new rule, a third option gives officials a chance to clear out the penalty if they have enough evidence. This is made possible because of the advancement in technology in the NHL over the last couple of years. 

Virtually Improved Dashboards

Finally, we will get digitally enhanced dashboards, which allow broadcasters to erase and replace adverts on all the boards digitally. In this case, all the adverts will be visible to the camera in national, international, and local NHL broadcasts. It gives stakeholders a chance to make more targeted ads. 


With these innovations and trends, the 2022-23 season is set for an exciting period. Undoubtedly, we will get more from the event, and the beautiful thing is that we can expect more technological innovations in the league.

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