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Internet - February 20, 2024

France reveals new tax for global internet giants

France reveals new tax for global internet giants 1

France on Wednesday delivered a bill to tax net and era giants along with Google and Facebook on their digital sales, placing it amongst a forefront of countries seeking to force the groups to pay extra inside the markets where they operate.

The French bill changed into discussed at cabinet stage and could be submitted to parliament in early April.

Speaking to newshounds, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire defined the levy as “a first step” in putting in place “a 21st-century taxation system”.

“It’s a question of justice for our fellow residents” and for “our agencies”, he stated, adding “no one can receive that big digital corporations pay 14 percentage much less tax than our small and medium firms”.


“If we want on the way to maintain to finance our public services, our day nurseries, our hospitals, our schools, we ought to tax cost where it’s far created,” he introduced.

The tax, to be implemented retroactively from January 1, sets a three percentage levy on virtual marketing, websites and the resale of personal information by way of internet giants.

It ought to carry in 400 million euros ($452 million) to the general public handbag this 12 months, and 650 million via 2022, consistent with Le Maire—an amount the Le Monde newspaper referred to as “a small sum” however “especially symbolic.”

Left-wing politicians denounced the degree as too feeble.

“Bruno Le Maire is taking up those giants with a water pistol,” Ian Brossat, a pacesetter of the Communist birthday celebration, advised Liberation newspaper.

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And Manon Aubry, a frontrunner of the France Unbowed party, told France Inter radio it changed into like “putting a plaster on a timber leg”.

The authorities hope the pass will catch on overseas despite an earlier failure to attain consensus at the European Union level.

Britain, Spain, and Austria have stated they too intend to unilaterally tax the giants, while Japan, Singapore, and India are also running on such schemes.

Paris says it’s far now searching for “not unusual floor” on the difficulty with fellow contributors of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) with a purpose to attain a global accord.

Talks are ongoing among 127 countries at the OECD in a bid to attain “a consensus-primarily based, lengthy-time period solution in 2020,” the international enterprise said in a declaration in January.

An interim record must “be presented to the G20 all through 2019,” it added, speaking of the organization of industrialized and emerging nations.

Fiscal justice

President Emmanuel Macron came to electricity in 2017 promising to increase levies on worldwide tech and net organizations, seeing their frequently minimum tax prices as a part of a backlash in France and Europe towards globalization.

Having failed to steer his European companions to introduce an EU-wide tax—due to objections from low-tax jurisdictions along with Ireland and fears of frightening US President Donald Trump—France will now go it alone with its very own new mechanism.

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The new levy is referred to as the “GAFA tax” in France—an acronym for US giants Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon—who’ve until now routed their income in France thru subsidiaries in low-tax EU members.

In one of the best-recognized cases, the European Commission concluded that Apple had paid an effective corporate tax fee of simply 0.0.5 percent on its European income in 2014—equivalent to just 50 euros for each million.

In 2016, it turned into ordered through the commission to pay 13 billion euros in lower back taxes to Ireland which were judged to the quantity to illegal country useful resource.

Under EU law, internet giants can pick to document their earnings in any member country, prompting them to pick out low-tax countries together with Ireland, the Netherlands or Luxembourg.

Only digital businesses with global annual sales of more than 750 million euros and income in France of at least 25 million euros can be taxed under the brand new French regulation.

About 30 agencies from the USA, China, Germany, Spain, and Britain in addition to France would be affected, he said.

France’s pass comes after an aggressive motion from tax government to pursue the organizations in the courts, with combined outcomes.

Apple said a remaining month it had reached an settlement to settle 10 years of back taxes, reportedly for almost 500 million euros.

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