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Laptop - February 15, 2024

Future Lenovo 2-in-1 laptop ought to one-up MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

Future Lenovo 2-in-1 laptop ought to one-up MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar 1

Lenovo can be running on a notebook which boasts what the business enterprise refers to as a ‘mini display’, or a hint strip throughout the top of the keyboard, within the same vein as Apple’s Touch Bar for the MacBook Pro – however with greater advanced capability.

This is consistent with a patent published earlier this month (noticed by Windows Latest) for an ‘a couple of display tool’, which discusses a 2-in-1 laptop along with a display portion, a keyboard base, and the aforementioned mini show at the pinnacle of the keyboard.

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This capacity touch show strip could offer handy and speedily get right of entry to various interface capabilities, just like the MacBook Pro. Or, it can also be hooked up in your cellphone (or another tool), to funnel through notifications, texts, and so forth, providing handy get admission to in your cell (and perhaps deepening the relationship between Windows 10 and smartphones, a the front on which Microsoft is already pushing ahead through apps consisting of Your Phone).

Hinge Bar?

The patent describes several implementations of this mini show whereby it may definitely be located above the keyboard, as with Apple’s Touch Bar, and recessed into the keyboard housing, or it can without a doubt be a part of the hinge which secures the primary display to the bottom of the notebook.

Lenovo also discusses an idea wherein the contact strip may be tilted up – either manually, or mechanically – for a higher viewing attitude, so it doesn’t simply remain flat at the keyboard base all the time.

lenovo_80r4000wus_15_6_flex_3_multi_touch_1219644.jpg (2500×2500)

Furthermore, a state of affairs is stated where there could be two mini displays, with a 2d one on the rear, which means that after the notebook is shut, that show might still be viewable so it can impart useful notifications from a telephone, and so on, even whilst you’re no longer using the device.

There are a number of one of a kind ideas floated in this patent, so it’s hard to inform exactly what Lenovo has in thoughts as an stop goal. However, it’s clear that the laptop producer is genuinely exploring ideas for its personal spin on Apple’s Touch Bar – however as ever with patents, a final product may additionally never be produced (and all this work would possibly in no way make it beyond the doorways of the research labs).

Also, an concept including this may just get swept away within the modern-day fever for twin-display or foldable laptops (or indeed phones).

Indeed, so far this yr, we’ve already written about two patents Lenovo has on the boil for foldable gadgets of 1 type or another, so it could be the case that the company is now prioritizing that route of improvement. As ever, we’ll only discover by means of maintaining our eyes peeled.

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