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Software - March 14, 2024

Google Chrome can now block dodgy software downloads

Google Chrome can now block dodgy software downloads 1

Google’s Advanced Protection Program (APP) now gives contributors an additional layer of safety towards dodgy downloads in Chrome.

After activating Chrome Sync (a tool that saves bookmarks, passwords and different information to a Google account), APP individuals will see a warning if they try to download doubtlessly risky software. In a few cases, Chrome might also block the download.

APP is designed for people like politicians and CEOs, who’re more vulnerable to having their Google accounts attacked than the average web user. However, all of us who is particularly privacy-minded can sign up.

The provider itself is free, but you will first want to shop for and sign in two hardware protection keys (the primary one, and a backup) so you can defend your money owed the usage of -factor authentication. A hardware key an essential line of protection towards phishing attacks, as it now not handiest verifies your identity, however additionally that of the website or service you are attempting to log into.

Locked down

The Advanced Protection Program update comes just a few days after Google rolled out its personal Titan Security Key within the UK, France, Canada, and Japan. The key turned into previously handiest available in the US, in which Google itself used it to assist employees to lock down their debts.

People with access to touchy information (consisting of Google group of workers) are regularly subjected to surprisingly focused phishing assaults, concerning emails containing private records and appearing to come from pals or colleagues. Links in those emails take the focused person to a faux login page that sends their username and password to a malicious third party,

malware-downloads-670x335.jpg (670×335)

Google claims that there had been no success phishing attacks against its employees since it delivered the keys.

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