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Google is bringing free high-speed internet to 50 places around the Philippines

Google has got its eyes in the Philippines.

The tech large has introduced that they will be bringing their Google Station software to the country all through their conference which came about on February 13.

Google Station is an initiative that offers free WiFi hotspots to growing international locations. These stations may be set up in populated regions like train stations, airports, bus stations, and more.

The Philippines isn’t the first country to get Google Station, their WiFi hotspots have already been an installation in nations like India, Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Thailand.

If you’re wondering when Google will set the system up, it is virtually occurring faster then you definitely assume.

The company plans to get those stations to stay by the stop of February and it will cowl 50 locations, the general public of them will be placed in Manila and Quezon City.

The rest of the country gets Google Stations set up in the course of 2019.

Citizens will get admission to the free half-hour of the internet. After the allocated time, they could want to register again if they want to preserve.

Google will crew up with telco businesses PLDT and Smart Communications to set up the infrastructure and it will run on ads sponsored via Unilever which owns over four hundred brands.

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