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AutoMotive - February 29, 2024

Gyrfalcon Offers Automotive AI Chip Technology

Gyrfalcon Offers Automotive AI Chip Technology 1

Future automobile designs including AI need to leverage device architectures that convey no longer best excessive performance but additionally energy performance. A leading vehicle producer recently announced changing using GPUs with their own matrix-based, application specific chip designs for assisting AI and self-riding in automobiles.

This ultra-modern development of GPUs being replaced has automakers in search of an AI chip structure particular to self-riding and automotive AI. An automobile enterprise government later claimed that it’d take so long as three years from start to finish to expand high acting, strength green chip that helps self-using and other AI capabilities.

Gyrfalcon Technology Inc. (GTI), has been promoting matrix-primarily based utility-unique chips for all forms of AI since supplying their production variations of AI accelerator chips in September 2017. Through the licensing of its proprietary era, the employer is assured it is able to assist automakers to carry especially aggressive AI chips to manufacturing for use in cars within 18 months, along with full-size gains in AI overall performance, upgrades in energy dissipation and price advantages.


“The want for better overall performance, system-getting to know devices to enhance autonomous driving generation method providers must broaden AI-primarily based highbrow assets or license it from agencies like Gyrfalcon for silicon solutions to attain quicker processing and decrease energy consumption,” said Luca De Ambroggi, Senior AI Research and Automotive Research Director for IHS Markit, based in Munich, Germany.

GTI gives IP licensing primarily based on its manufacturing level silicon which has been established within the hands of clients. The technology is delivering the highest ratio of energy performance combined with very excessive performance. Customers are designing the chips into business merchandise, including clever home & office, customer electronics, cell phones & computer systems, baby & puppy monitors, robotic vacuums, illness detection system, area servers, cars, and AI facts center answers.

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One matrix primarily based chip layout that changed a GPU for self-riding AI supplied equipment cost reductions and a performance-to-efficiency ratio close to five TOPS/W. GTI’s matrix-primarily based AI chips offer 9.3 TOPS/W (Lightspeeur® 2801) or 24 TOPS/W (Lightspeeur® 2803), which already convey two times to five times the development on that ratio.

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