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Mobile - March 15, 2024

Harassed on train? Get help with just a tap on the mobile

Harassed on train? Get help with just a tap on the mobile 1

Recently when a 40-year-vintage schoolteacher from Valsad changed into sexually molested via a person even as she was alone in ladies coach of transferring Gujarat Queen Express on the night of Independence Day, she had no choice however to get down from the educate when it stopped and are seeking for help from a neighboring instruct.

Falling prey to a criminal offense on a moving train has continually been a nightmarish revel in for anybody, particularly girls when there may be no police personnel round. But things are quick to trade.

In a completely close to destiny, the victim passenger of against the law could be capable to name Government Railway Police (GRP) of Gujarat police with only a faucet on his or her mobile phone. The GRP is set to release a special mobile software subsequent month to be able to assist humans in distress get help right away. Through the application, any passenger can report against the law like smuggling or hooliganism together with images.


A teach passenger in want of protection desires to enter his or her details whilst boarding the train. While in trouble they’ll simply tap the panic button given inside the application to send an alert to the railway police control room of the location, at GRP headquarters, and also to the patrolling birthday party on that track or teach.

“The patrolling crew will reach the character inside mins. Local and head workplace control room may also take an immediate update from the patrolling birthday celebration about the panic alert. The alert will stay on until it is attended,” Gautam Parmar, deputy inspector popular (DIG), DIG told TOI.

Not simplest for personal protection, however, the utility may even enable any passenger to document a crime. On noticing bootlegging or drugs trafficking on the train, any passenger could be capable of sending an image through this app. “Any user can post a picture of criminal interest on teach or railway station without revealing his identification. They just want to ship a picture and basic details,” Parmar said.


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