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Tech - February 17, 2024

How Technology Is Changing The Real Estate Market

How Technology Is Changing The Real Estate Market 1

How will generation change residential actual estate over the subsequent ten years? Firstly appeared on Quora: the location to advantage and share expertise, empowering people to learn from others and higher understand the arena.

Answer by way of Andrew Collins, CEO, and Co-founder at Bungalow, on Quora:

Residential actual estate, especially the rental quarter, has been appreciably slow to enjoy the identical radical disruption that many different industries have visible with the virtual age (e.G. Retail, finance, transportation). Companies like Zillow and Redfin have democratized MLS listings and the home seeks procedure, however, the manner we buy and hire homes are nevertheless basically the same as it usually has been. This has lots to do with the reality that real estate is this type of capital-intensive enterprise. It’s a good deal tougher to dispose of friction from a technique that’s a good deal greater complicated (and has larger stakes) than, say, trip-sharing.

I do assume that’s going to exchange within the next five to ten years. Companies like OpenDoor are streamlining and digitizing the house-shopping for a system in a manner that we haven’t visible before, and Bungalow is leveraging generation to remove almost all the complications of the rental revel in for each house owners and renters. Residential real property goes to trap as much as other customer experiences that we’ve to grow to be accustomed to inside the 21st century, which is a great issue for everybody.


One important factor, but, is that technology alone isn’t going to make a dent in the bigger troubles surrounding housing in this country. It’s a long way extra complex than growing a first-rate platform or an exceptional app. We want modern solutions that create more low-priced housing stock. My desire is that as Bungalow grows, we’re capable of helping preserve towns cheap for early profession professionals (and past). Tech is an critical piece of that, and we’re excited about how rising improvements can make the enjoy even better (e.G. The use of AI to assist human beings discover compatible roommates). But it’s no longer the whole picture.

This question at the start seemed on Quora – the region to benefit and share understanding, empowering humans to analyze from others and better apprehend the arena.

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