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Apps - February 22, 2024

How to Bring Back the Vertical Recent Apps Menu on Your Galaxy in Android Pie

How to Bring Back the Vertical Recent Apps Menu on Your Galaxy in Android Pie 3

The Android nine Pie replace added lots of visual changes, some of which can be a bit too harking back to iOS. There are the new gesture controls, which are ok, however, then there are things like a left-justified clock and the reality that the current apps menu now scrolls horizontally instead of vertically. Luckily, Samsung has given us a way to deliver lower back the conventional Android style.

Horizontal latest apps may also look quite, however they are much less useful. When this menu became vertical, you can genuinely see the final five or so apps you used, making it clean to switch back to at least one. But seeing that telephones are taller than they’re extensive, making this menu scroll horizontally means you may most effective see one or of your recent apps at a time. With the help of certainly one of Samsung’s pleasant apps, though, you could now put matters again to the manner they were.

Step 1: Install Good Lock 2019 (Free)

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First, know that this could best paintings if you have a Samsung Galaxy device going for walks the Android 9 Pie replace (One UI). This technique does now not paintings on different gadgets.

To get started, head to the Galaxy Store (you may discover this app in your app drawer), then search for “Good Lock” and install it. This is Samsung’s very own app, and it’s clearly beneficial for editing all of the little things on your Galaxy.

Once you get it hooked up, take a look at your app drawer. Make sure you purchased the version it truly is referred to as “Good Lock 2019” in preference to “Good Lock 2018.” At the time of this writing, Good Lock 2019 hasn’t rolled out to all regions and devices. Notably, the Galaxy S10 will nonetheless get the 2018 model of Good Lock that does not work with this mod. There’s nothing you could do besides waiting if this is the case, however, Samsung has to update Good Lock inside the coming weeks for S10 users.

If you’re no longer the usage of an S10, but you continue to be given the 2018 model of Good Lock, the replace in all likelihood hasn’t rolled out on your location yet. You can try sideloading the 2019 model from the hyperlink beneath, however, a few customers have said this does not work, so that you’ll probably just have to wait like the S10 users obtainable.

Step 2: Install Task Changer

bring-back-vertical-recent-apps-menu-your-galaxy-android-pie.w1456.jpg (1080×2220)bring-back-vertical-recent-apps-menu-your-galaxy-android-pie.w1456.jpg (1080×2220)


With the 2019 model of Good Lock hooked up, the rest is quite simple. Open Good Lockout of your app drawer, then faucet the “Task Changer” plugin placeholder. You’ll be taken to the Task Changer plugin’s set up page, so tap “Install.”

Step 3: Switch Back to Vertical Recents

Now, open Good Lock and faucet “Task Changer” once more — this time, the plugin’s interface need to open. Tap the toggle subsequent to “Not in use” to show it on, then pick out “Layout Type.” Choose “List” from the set-off, and you may be all set!

Now, your recent apps menu can be vertically-orientated again. There’s even a clean animation as the titles fade inside and out of view and a leap effect when you over-scroll. You can swipe vertically to peer extra apps (though you can already see five apps at a time on most Galaxy phones), and you could swipe left or proper to dispose of an app from the listing.

How to Bring Back the Vertical Recent Apps Menu on Your Galaxy in Android Pie 4How to Bring Back the Vertical Recent Apps Menu on Your Galaxy in Android Pie 5

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