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Apps - March 8, 2023

Huawei Not Losing Access to Android Updates,

Huawei Not Losing Access to Android Updates, 2

With US President Donald Trump imparting reprieve to Huawei, much less than a month after blacklisting the Chinese telecom giant, American tech titan Google can now work with it and keep to sell its Android license to the phone maker.

The move is also going to help its sub-logo Honor.

Huawei Not Losing Access to Android Updates, 3

“While it is doubtful whether that extends to the 5G community era that Huawei is growing, it most sincerely applies to Google and Android.

“Under the phrases of the preceding ban (country wide protection order), Google turned into barred from promoting an Android license to Huawei, which means its phones may want to use the base open-source code, however, might not have got right of entry to to the all-vital Play Store and Google apps,” the PC World reported on Saturday.

The preceding regulations meant Google became barred from selling an Android license to Huawei, meaning its telephones could use the bottom open-supply code, but would now not have to get admission to to the all-vital Play Store and Google apps.

A temporary license turned into issued quickly, which allowed Google to guide and update the Android OS currently running on present Huawei gadgets.

However, it turned into affecting the development of destiny products. Huawei had reportedly said that it was running on its very own OS and turned into attaining out to other Chinese manufacturers consisting of Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi as partners.

Now that Google can retain to sell its Android license to Huawei, the organization will want to decide whether or not to preserve pursuing the undertaking or stay with its EMUI OS, the PC World record added.

Beyond helping Huawei, Trump’s flow will raise Google and different Huawei partners who invested significant time and resources into developing dating with Huawei to boost their very own organizations via its business, in step with the TechCrunch.

Huawei had in advance stated that Google could lose tens of millions of customers if it turns away from Google’s Android OS.

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