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Improve your aerial shots with the new AirMagic software for editing drone photography

Skylum Software, the agency behind modifying software Aurora HDR and Luminar 3, has announced a brand new piece of a software program called AirMagic, that’s designed to be “the primary software committed to drone photography.” The great component is, it does all of it routinely. Once you have got your license and downloaded the software, all you may do is drag your drone pix to the software program and let its algorithms do the rest. It can decorate your photographs with the aid of casting off haziness, editing sky, and improving info you couldn’t see earlier than. It even detects what drone you used and its camera so it knows precisely what to do with each photograph. The software program can come across the lens and color profiles and modify accordingly.

The technology at the back of the software program includes superior algorithms and artificial intelligence. You’ll see deeper, richer colorations and clearer info. It can even examine the special parts of the photo and make appropriate modifications while not having something from you. Because the app is so simple to apply, and all you need to do is drag and drop your documents into it, it even has a guide for RAW files and the capacity to handle a couple of files straight away.

AirMagic’s software program works first-class with drones by using Yuneec, DJI, and Parrot. While others will honestly paintings just as nicely, those are the 3 mentioned mainly. Luckily, the drones from the one’s manufacturers are a number of satisfactory.

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You can get entry to AirMagic in some of the approaches, inclusive of a standalone app for iOS or as a plugin for other packages like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom or as an Apple Photos Extension.

You can pre-order AirMagic for $39. That rate includes licenses for either Mac or PC. It also comes with some distinctive bonuses inclusive of Drone images Guide eBook with the aid of Skylum, a “Shoot Professional Photos with any Drone” video direction, an AirMagic Premium Style and a $40 discount on the purchase of a Lime Cube Lighting Kit on your drone. These exclusives expire on March 20, and the software program turns into available March 21.

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