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Tech - March 11, 2024

Nintendo is ‘investigating’ 5G Technology

Nintendo is ‘investigating’ 5G Technology 1

Nintendo has advised shareholders that it’s “investigating” advancing technologies which include 5G and cloud streaming, however, has defined that it received’t definitely “chase traits” for the sake of it.

During the 79th Annual General Meeting for Shareholders, Nintendo representatives were asked directly about how the organization will reply to recent improvements in VR, 5G and “alliances among rivals inside the area of cloud gaming”.

With the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft being closely rumored to place a number of awareness on streaming and Google coming into the streaming area with its personal Stadia later this yr, there has been a few situation that Nintendo has been “a touch slow” on the subject of retaining up with the opposition.

Keeping up with the opposition

However, simply due to the fact Nintendo isn’t promoting any plans for these new technologies doesn’t mean it’s ignoring them totally. In response to the query, Shigeru Miyamoto presented assurance that the enterprise has been operating on new technologies like 5G, VR and streaming “from the very starting, and had been experimenting with them in a ramification of approaches”.

As a long way as cloud streaming is involved, Miyamoto sees it becoming “extra-large within the destiny” however delivered that he has “absolute confidence that there will continue to be video games which can be amusing because they’re running locally and no longer on the cloud.”

These sentiments were echoed by means of Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa who stated that even as Nintendo can’t see all video games turning into cloud games any time quickly, it’s far conscious that it “should keep up with such changes in the environment.”

Big buzzwords

It was Nintendo director and senior executive officer Ko Shiota who focused not directly at the latest buzzword: 5G.

“5G can send a huge quantity of statistics without latency. We are aware that this technology has been gaining loads of attention, and Nintendo is also investigating it.”

However, Shiota delivered that Nintendo doesn’t “best chase developments in a generation.”

As with VR and cloud streaming, Nintendo received’t is leaping instantly onto a 5G bandwagon and could instead “reflect on consideration on both how the technology may be implemented to gameplay and what new reviews and gameplay we can offer purchasers as a result of that utility.”

Not handiest that, the price will be a big consideration for pushing forward with 5G. According to Shiota “It’s difficult to apply even an top-notch generation if the price is too high, so we are able to preserve to also thoroughly check out the price of new technology.” It’s already regarded that Nintendo has been experimenting with streaming cloud-based totally video games at the Switch in Japan (through Kotaku) however doing so requires a fantastic WiFi connection. 5G connections might clearly make streaming at the Switch a more transportable revel in, however it seems likely that Nintendo gained’t pursues it in addition unless there is enough demand at the proper charge. Given 5G has best just long gone live in a handful of cities the world over and continues to be experiencing a few teething issues, it appears secure to mention that Nintendo still has a while to test in addition.

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