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iOS Custom ROM for Android

iOS Custom ROM for Android 1

As you all know, iOS and Android are two completely different operating systems. They run on their respective devices only, like an Apple on iOS and Android on Android devices. It is not possible to swap or change the operating systems. But there are a few non-linear methods out there to use the Apple user interface on your Android smartphone. An iOs custom ROM will give a very similar look and experience to an Apple device on your android phone. Many people are inclined towards customs ROMs because of the functionality and ability to customize various things on your mobile.

Before we get started on how to change your Android smartphone into an iPhone UI, please note these points:

  • Your Android will have to be rooted. If it’s not, there are some apps available to root it without the help of a PC. Also, to check whether your phone is rooted or not, you can download apps like Root Checker, Root Verifier, or SU Root Checker to do the same.
  • Your phone battery should be at at least 50-60%
  • Your android must have a custom recovery installed. TWRP or CWM, this open-source software has to be installed for your android device model number. To install this, open Google Play Store, download ‘ROM Manager,’ and install it.

Now once all this is done, let’s get started on installing iOS onto your android device. Following are the steps:

  • Root your android phone. Apps like KIngRoot and Root Master can be used. Starting with installing iOS ROM on Android, boot your device into TWRP Custom Recovery as we will be using this to install iOS ROM on your Android device successfully. To switch to TWRP recovery mode, switch off your device and then hold down the volume up and the power button simultaneously until the boot icon comes on your device’s screen. After that, soon, you will see the very familiar TWRP Custom Recovery home page on your device’s screen.
  • After this, you will need to do a swift factory reset on your device to install iOS Custom ROM on it and first go to the ‘Wipe’ section of TWRP. Here you will see a slider at the bottom of your screen, which you have to slide right to begin a factory reset on your device. This step will only delete your apps and app data. Once this is complete, go back to the TWRP/CWM custom recovery home page to continue the iOS installation.
  • Once the above step is complete, please move to the Backup section of Android as we need to take a backup of our current Android OS before we move forward with the installation of iOS ROM on Android. Once you are in the Backup Section, select everything from the list and then slide the slider to begin Android backup of your device. This process will take around 10-15 minutes to complete, after which you can start installing iOS ROM on Android.
  • Finally, for the last move regarding the installation of iOS ROM on Android, you have to go back to TWRP Custom Recovery’s home page and head to the ‘Install’ section. In this, you will find the iOS ROM on the Android zip. The file that we had downloaded earlier in the internal storage of your device. After locating this file- open it and slide the slider you are currently seeing on your screen. Sliding this slider will begin installing iOS ROM on Android, taking approximately 10-15 minutes to complete as we install the iOS ROM on Android.
  • After the installation completes successfully, you will see an option that reads ‘Wipe Cache/Dalvik,’ so you have to first tap on this section and slide the iOS slider on the screen to Wipe the Cache/ Dalvik Cache from your device. Once this is achieved, tap on Reboot System to start using iOS ROM on your Android.
  • Since this will be the first time you boil up the iOS ROM on Android, it will take some time to be up, so kindly be patient. Once the device boots up, you will have to complete the setup to successfully install the iOS ROM on Android and start using it.

Now, if you’re looking at specific iOS versions, although the latest versions are available online, for example, iOS 9 or 10 or 11, you can search specifically for them and follow the same procedure laid down above. The steps remain the same irrespective of the iOS version. Remember, for every Android brand or a device like Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, HTC, and the likes, the iOS custom ROM will differ. So make sure to search for the particular company smartphone that you are using. The iOS ROM for any Android smartphone is supported by Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung, and almost all other smartphone brands. Make sure to follow all the steps carefully, and you will be able to successfully install this ROM on the smartphone.

iOS Custom ROM for Android Mobile

Android OS is a great software for smartphones. Many smart TVs, refrigerators and washing machines, and many other household electric products have become digitally forwards and smart. Android generally supports all of these new-age updates. Although it is unclear why people like to bring in custom iOS ROM to their smartphones, my best guess is simply the UI and design of an Apple phone. Unlike the fast processor speed you would get on an Apple phone; it’s impossible to replicate the same by just inserting iOS ROM in an Android smartphone.

Sometimes as an Android user, one might get bored of using it; therefore, they might switch to enjoy the iOS look. It is preferable to find third-party developers who generally develop your custom ROMs suited to your android model and version and these custom ROMs. If you do a basic Google search, you will find many links to iOS Custom ROMs for your Android smartphone. The steps given in this article remain more or less the same for every version. You can also check out many Youtube videos posted by techies or developers to help you through this process.

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