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Laptop - February 13, 2024

Is Microsoft designing a 2-in-1 laptop with a foldable screen?

Is Microsoft designing a 2-in-1 laptop with a foldable screen? 1

Microsoft may be working on a foldable device of some type, at least going through a brand new patent that suggests an idea for a bendable display screen.

The patent (found via Windows Latest) which became published remaining year describes a laptop – or indeed any way of a transportable electronic tool – which accommodates of a frame and a bendy display stack. In other phrases, a screen that’s foldable, an idea that quite a few groups at the moment are either working on or certainly have already got a tool out there.

The concept right here is that the tool is made up of a chassis, and the display stack which has at the least one energetic layer – likely with a window layer, or a protecting display, on top – and an assisting layer at the lowest.

Microsoft notes that the assisting layer can be made from steel, and will comprise a bendable region to allow the display to fold. That folding movement may be facilitated by way of a hinge (a hinge with rotating elements is cited), or it could use an elastic aspect like rubber.


The aid layer may be fastened to the frame of the device in a way that helps a ‘movable connection’, which may be a bodily mechanism – studs and grooves – or a magnetic device, or a combination of both.

The idea is to keep enough flexibility to allow the display to move and fold, but still maintain the show stack connected to the body, glaringly sufficient, all whilst making sure that repeated folding of the tool doesn’t purpose any bodily deformation of the show.


Shocking revelation

Microsoft also observes that having this sort of “floating” connection among the display and the chassis of the tool might also provide beneficial surprise absorbing skills, if the hardware is, say, by accident dropped at the ground.

Of direction, we have to take into account that patented generation may additionally in no way make it beyond the studies level or prototyping, so this doesn’t necessarily suggest that Microsoft will ever produce a device alongside those traces.

That stated, there are strong rumors that the agency is operating on a few ways of dual-display screen tool, whether or not that be a sizeable -screen pill (Centaurus), or a smaller dual-screen ‘pocketable’ pc (Andromeda).

Those portions of hardware have two awesome screens, or so the hypothesis has it, however perhaps future iterations will use a foldable display as distinct on this patent, to remove – or rather disguise – the unseemly hinge.

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