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AutoMotive - February 22, 2024

Japan’s Teijin develops ultra-light composite automotive side-door module

Japan’s Teijin develops ultra-light composite automotive side-door module 1

Teijin Limited’s automobile composites uniqueness companies have evolved a multi-material composite automobile door idea that maintains required crash specifications whilst reducing average weight by 35% when in comparison to a traditional metal door.

A prototype of this specific approach evolved collectively through Teijin Composites Innovation Center (TCIC) and Continental Structural Plastics Holdings Corporation (CSP), can be on display in the Teijin Group booth at JEC World 2019, taking place March 12 to fourteen in Paris.

The module is crafted from carbon fiber sheet molded compound (SMC), glass fiber SMC and unidirectional glass fiber bolstered plastics (GFRP) to offer both excessive electricity and occasional weight. Additional blessings encompass cost performance same to that of an aluminum door module, and the potential to achieve deep attracts and superior design freedom no longer potential with steel. The solution also withstands the warmth stage of the conventional E-coat automobile portray method.

Tough, lightweight, eco-friendly modules are increasingly being adopted, mainly in Europe, for automobile components such as resin-primarily based tailgates, bonnets (hoods) and roofs to help lessen CO2 emissions and similarly the variety of electric cars. Multi-cloth side-door modules for excessive-volume motors were found out by means of some automakers, but, they still are particularly difficult for designers as these components have to meet particularly disturbing requirements for shock absorption to guard passengers in crashes, fatigue resistance to face up to the stresses of repeated beginning and ultimate and accommodate interior harnesses for electrical wiring and sign components.

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Teijin plans to retain enhancing the pleasure of its side-door module talents via applying diverse high-performance materials and technology available within the Teijin Group. Leveraging its strengths in composite technology, the intention is to launch an industrial door module by 2025 and become called a global dealer of multi-fabric car components, focused on income worth approximately $2 billion by 2030.

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