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Microsoft - March 7, 2024

Learn tricks for beginning, viewing, and coping with multiple documents

Learn tricks for beginning, viewing, and coping with multiple documents 2

If you ever want to view and work with a couple of Microsoft Word files on the equal time, Word has numerous features that will help you with that manoeuvre. You can get without difficulty switch back and forth among each document. You can view two or higher open files horizontally or facet by way of side. You can create paintings with each record one by one. You can also allow synchronous scrolling to scroll via files together. Let’s take a look at out some of these beneficial Word functions.

Learn tricks for beginning, viewing, and coping with multiple documents 3

I’m the usage of Word from an Office 365 subscription. However, the following records will follow to the past few versions of Word as well.

To start, launch Word and open documents—maximize both of them. You can switch from one file to any other a couple of methods. In either text, click the View tab, click on the Select Document icon, and then choose the file you wish to look (Figure A).

Alternatively, you could press Alt-Tab to view and cycle via all of your open home windows and then select the report you want to see (Figure B).

Maybe you want to look at both documents at the screen at the same time. In both file, make sure you are on the View Ribbon and click the icon for Arrange All. The two files open horizontally with one window on the pinnacle of the opposite. You can work with every report independently. Your toolbars and Ribbons continue to be the equal size, so all the essential commands and capabilities are on hand (Figure C).

If you find paintings instead with the two documents vertically, click the icon at the View Ribbon for View Side By Side. You can do that in either window. The windows are rearranged vertically (Figure D).

Perhaps you want to work with one record complete-display screen but then return to the two-window layout. Maximise the report you need to peer full-display screen. When you are achieved, click the Restore icon to carry returned the other -window format.

By default, every report window works independently, so you can scroll in one record without affecting the alternative. You can also scroll thru each document at the same time. To do this, make sure both materials are in aspect-by-side mode. In the View Ribbon, click on the icon for Synchronous Scrolling (it’s the second small icon to the right of Arrange All)—you will want to activate this icon in both home windows. Now attempt scrolling in a single record—the alternative file should scroll in tandem. To flip off synchronous scrolling, click the corresponding icon in a single or each window.

Maybe you want to throw another record or two into the combination. On a reasonable degree, you don’t want to juggle too many files on the identical time due to the fact then the manner turns into unwieldy. But possibly you need to open a third and even a fourth document to find information or reproduction and paste content material from one report to every other.


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