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Microsoft - February 27, 2024

Microsoft gives 500 patents to startups

Microsoft gives 500 patents to startups 1

Microsoft today announced the main growth of its Azure IP Advantage software, which affords its Azure users with protection towards patent trolls. This application now also provides customers who’re constructing IoT answers that connect to Azure with getting entry to ten,000 patents to guard themselves in opposition to intellectual belongings complaints.

What’s perhaps maximum interesting here, although, is that Microsoft is also donating 500 patents to startups in the LOT Network. This enterprise, which counts companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, SAP, Epic Games, Ford, GM, Lyft and Uber amongst its properly over a hundred and fifty members, is designed to guard organizations in opposition to patent trolls by way of giving them get right of entry to to a huge library of patents from its member organizations and different assets.

“The LOT Network is without a doubt devoted to helping cope with the proliferation of highbrow belongings losses, mainly ones which are delivered by using non-training entities, or so-referred to as trolls,” Microsoft CVP and Deputy General Counsel Erich Andersen told me.

This new software goes nicely beyond fundamental safety from patent trolls, even though. Qualified startups who be part of the LOT Network can gather Microsoft patents as a part of their loose membership and as Andresen careworn, the startups will own them outright. The LOT network could be capable of providing its startup members with up to 3 patients from this collection.

There’s one additional requirement here, even though: to qualify for purchasing the patents, those startups also need to meet a $1,000 consistent with month Azure spend. As Andersen told me, even though, they don’t have to make any form of a forwarding pledge. The corporation will truly examine a startup’s last three monthly Azure bills.

“We want to help the LOT Network develop its community of startups,” Andersen said. “To provide an incentive, we’re going to provide those patents to them.” He noted that startups are manifestly interested in having access to patents as a basis in their corporations, however also to raise capital and to protect themselves towards trolls.

The patents we’re speakme about here cowl a huge range of technology in addition to geographies. Andersen mentioned that we’re talking approximately U.S. Patents in addition to European and Chinese patents, as an instance.

“The idea is that these startups come from a numerous set of enterprise sectors,” he said. “The desire we’ve is that once they approach LOT, they’ll discover patents amongst those 500 which are going to be exciting to essentially nearly any enterprise that might want a foundational set of patents for his or her commercial enterprise.”

As for the extended Azure IP Advantage program, it’s well worth noting that every Azure customer who spends extra than $1,000 per month during the last 3 months and hasn’t filed a patent infringement lawsuit towards some other Azure customers in the remaining two years can mechanically select one of the patents within the program’s portfolio to protect itself in opposition to frivolous patent proceedings from trolls (and that’s an exceptional library of patents from the only Microsoft is donating to the LOT Network as a part of the startup application).

As Andresen mentioned, the team looked at how it could beautify the IP software with the aid of that specialize in a number of precise regions. Microsoft is glaringly investing a lot into IoT, so extending this system to this region makes sense. “What we’re essentially announcing is if the client is the usage of IoT generation — no matter whether or not it’s Microsoft generation or no longer — and it’s related to Azure, then we’re going to offer this patent choose right to assist customers to guard themselves towards patent suits,” Andersen stated.

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In addition, for people who do select to use Microsoft IoT technology throughout the board, Microsoft will offer indemnification, too.

Patent trolls have currently started acquiring IoT patents, so possibilities are there on the brink of utilizing them and that we’ll see quite a piece of patent litigation in this area in the destiny. “The early signs and symptoms we’re seeing suggest that this is something that customers are going to care approximately in the destiny,” said Andersen.

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