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AutoMotive - February 25, 2024

Mini LED automotive application market to take off in 2019

Mini LED automotive application market to take off in 2019 1

Mini LED automotive programs, together with HUDs, backlighting of dashboard and leisure displays, and displays of rear-view mirrors will take off in automobile aftermarkets in 2019, in keeping with industry sources.

Mini LED-backlit gaming LCD video display units have been to begin with released in the 2nd half of 2018, the sources said.

LED packaging firm Advanced Optoelectronic Technology plans to offer mini LED automotive modules in vehicle aftermarkets in China, Taiwan, and the US in 2019.


Vertically-incorporated LED maker Lextar Electronics has advanced I-Mini RGB (red-, green-, blue-light) LED automotive modules for use in dashboard displays and rear lights. Displays fabricated from I-Mini RGB LED automotive modules are superior to LCD shows in thickness, brightness, tolerance of temperature and clarity underneath robust mild, Lextar stated.

For taillights manufactured from such modules, personalized figures may be created, Lextar mentioned. Lextar will exhibit I-Mini RGB LED modules at Shanghai International Auto Lamp Exhibition 2019 in China at some point of March 21-22.

LED packaging firm Everlight Electronics exhibited automobile rear lights product of mini LED fine-pitch show gadgets at Nepcon Japan 2019 in Tokyo at some stage in January sixteen-18, with such rear lights capable of display adjustable figures and texts.

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PlayNitride, apart from growing micro-LED technology, has advanced mini LED nice-pitch show modules with a pitch of zero.6mm. Such modules can be stacked up for indoor, out of doors and automotive shows of perfect sizes.

According to Digitimes Research, the cost for a mini LED backlighting module for LCD presentations is better than that for an ordinary LED one by US$11-15 depending on module sizes, yield charges and the number of mini LED chips used. Since such increases in value soak up very small proportions of BOM (bill of materials) for a vehicle, mini LED-backlit LCD automobile shows are considered applicable.

Mini LED automotive displays and backlighting modules, due to the lengthy certification method for OEM shipments, are anticipated to be, to begin with, to be had in automotive aftermarkets.

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