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Mobile - February 20, 2024

Sky Mobile Watch allows free streaming of Sky TV with no impact on data

Sky Mobile Watch allows free streaming of Sky TV with no impact on data 1

Want to watch a live football match or a new season of Game of Thrones in your phone without disturbing approximately your statistics limits? Sky now has you included.

Sky Mobile has added a brand new feature to all of its phone plans, no matter whether or not you are a new or present client. Watch offers all Sky Mobile clients the ability to stream Sky programming thru its many apps without impacting on records allowances.

For example, folks who join Sky Sports can watch a live suit or Formula One race from starting to give up without ingesting into their statistics. Considering every commonly calls for greater than 2.5GB, they can wipe out a whole month’s records restriction in a single fell swoop.

Sky Mobile

All Sky Mobile clients will advantage, such as those on the £6 per month 1GB plan. And, it applies to all Sky apps, together with Sky Sports, Sky News, Sky Go, and Sky Q, so you can watch movies, TV shows, and live carrying occasions during the United Kingdom and EU as long as you’ve got a TV subscription that covers them.

Non-Sky TV customers can also benefit from viewing Sky News pictures for free of charge to data. Plus, in case you subscribe to Sky Sports or Sky Cinema thru an extraordinary pay-TV company, such as Virgin Media, you may view them in your cell statistics-free too. Basically, any Sky app you’ve got get admission to may be protected via Watch.


The feature is just like offerings from different cell community providers, including Go Binge at Three, but Sky Mobile is the handiest one to cover Sky’s very own apps and channels – very compelling, specifically if you are a sports fan.

Sky informed us that it has no plans to add some other, 1/3-birthday party services to Watch, despite the fact that we are ready to pay attention if Now TV is likewise covered by way of the provider.

You can discover greater approximately Watch and the alternative Sky Mobile benefits, together with Roll – the automated rolling over of any unused data every month – on Sky’s dedicated website.

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