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Software - March 9, 2024

Software development analytics platform Sourced launches

Software development analytics platform Sourced launches 2

Sourced, or source{d}, as the company styles its name, provides developers and IT departments with more in-depth analytics into their software development life cycle. It analyzes codebases, offers data about which APIs are being used, and provides general information about developer productivity and other metrics. Today, Sourced is officially launching its Enterprise Edition, which gives IT departments and executives several advanced tools for managing their software portfolios and the processes they use to create them.

Software development analytics platform Sourced launches 3

“Sourced enables large engineering organizations to better monitor, measure and manage their IT initiatives by providing a platform that empowers IT leaders with actionable data,” said the company’s CEO Eiso Kant. “The release of Sourced Enterprise is a major milestone towards proper engineering observability of the entire software development life cycle in enterprises.”

Because it’s one of the hallmarks of every proper enterprise tools, it’s no surprise that Sourced Enterprise also offers features like role-based access control and other security features, as well as dedicated support and SLAs. IT departments also can run the service on-premise, or use it as a SaaS product.

The company also tells me that the enterprise version can handle larger codebases so that even complex queries over an extensive data set only takes a few seconds (or minutes if it’s a huge codebase). To create these complex queries, the enterprise edition includes several add-ons to allow users to create these advanced queries. “These are available upon request and tailored to help enterprises overcome specific challenges that often rely on machine learning capabilities, such as identity matching or code duplication analysis,” the company says.

The service integrates with most commonly used project management and business intelligence tools, but it also ships with Apache Superset, an open-source business intelligence application that offers built-in data visualization capabilities.

These visualization capabilities are also now part of the Sourced Community Edition, which is now available in private beta.

“Sourced Enterprise gave us valuable insights into the Cloud Foundry codebase evolution, development patterns, trends and dependencies, all presented in easy-to-digest dashboards,” said Chip Childers, the CTO of the open-source Cloud Foundry Foundation, which tested the Enterprise Edition ahead of its launch. “If you want to understand what’s going on in your codebase and engineering department, Sourced is the way to go.”

HCL has officially acquired various software products from IBM, after announcing the deal in December last year.

The software products picked up by the Indian Giant are AppScan; BigFix; Commerce; Connections; Digital Experience; Notes Domino; and Unica.

HCL will also be propping up a division, called HCL Software, that will focus on pushing the newly-purchased enterprise software products to customers.

“We are excited for the next phase of the HCL Software Business Unit and are confident that these products will see good growth trajectory backed by our commitment to investing in product innovation coupled with our strong client focus and agile product development,” president and CEO of HCL Technologies C Vijayakumar said.

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