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The changing face of the Indian mobile user

The changing face of the Indian mobile user 1

India is inching toward becoming a trillion dollar digital economy with rapidly expanding digital infrastructure and extra accessibility to an era. With 90% of India set to own mobile phone via 2022, it comes as no wonder that mobile is the number one driver of this variation.

The exceptional feature of India’s mobile transformation is that the face of the Indian mobile user is converting and the way! Bharat – comprising of Tier II & III cities and rural India, is bringing an ever-increasing variety of first-time internet users online. Mobile adoption is developing across all demographics. And, Indian customers are shifting away from the traditional way of content consumption to greater handy, one-to-one interactions enabled by mobile. Indian ladies are spending extra time on gaming than on another app category.


Mobile video viewing is inching towards live TV, slowly finding its mass attraction among clients spanning all age companies and geographies. And buying reviews are being redefined, with mobile as the gateway for discovering products, comparing charges and sooner or later making the purchase. For brands, all of this indicates massive advertising possibilities and new advertising and marketing avenues to deliver customized experiences to users, beginning with video and vernacular content.

One can assume 2019 to be the yr that entrepreneurs take vital strides in engaging in a single, unified view of the user. Whether constructing for data readiness or attaining cross-channel know-how to bridge silos, marketers will put money into generation and size solutions to customize messaging, measure the business efficiency and improve ROI.

However, in going about those initiatives, statistics privacy and accept as true with will remain key pillars riding accountability and duty within the environment. And, with the growing adoption of deep technology like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the proper strategic and creative capability of marketers may be unleashed. 2019 may be the year when mobile virtually marries the emblem and the patron.

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