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Laptop - February 11, 2024

The Most Popular Laptop Brands for Kids

The Most Popular Laptop Brands for Kids 1

A laptop is one of the most crucial educational gear a kid has in recent times, and having youngsters inside the residence can make a massive distinction in terms of which laptop to shop for.

A survey carried out by way of MSW-ARS Research and The Brand Strength Monitor studied the US laptop emblem alternatives damaged down by whether there are children in the house. The studies corporations surveyed 3,000 respondents among a while 18 and 74. A little less than 1/2 of the respondents had kids in their families, and the opposite slightly more than half of the respondents did now not.

The survey located that amongst each company, Apple continues to be the maximum popular logo with 23.1 percent of families with kids and 21.1 percent of childless households preferring Macs to PCs. Apple wins out despite the fact that MacBooks inclusive of the 2018 MacBook Air are extra luxurious than maximum other laptops.

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HP is the next most famous brand amongst families with kids at 15.7 percentage, possibly a way to inexpensive laptops such as the HP Chromebook x2. Samsung came in third at 12.2 percent, observed by Dell at 11.6 percentage.

Further down the list is Microsoft at 6.3 percentage, which has reasonably-priced, flexible 2-in-1 options for youngsters including the Microsoft Surface Go. Rounding out the chart are LG, Sony, and Lenovo.

Not featured above but additionally covered inside the survey is Acer at 3.7 percent. Surprisingly, Asus did no longer make the list. Our roundup of the high-quality laptops for children includes numerous cheaper Editors’ Choice laptops from Acer and Asus which could provide you with the higher bang to your greenback in terms of kid’s’ laptop.

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