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AutoMotive - December 17, 2023

The Paradox Of Automotive Electronics

The Paradox Of Automotive Electronics 1

There is a massive trouble brewing inside the automotive global. Automakers are worrying first-rate components, however, they’re the usage of methods and techniques advanced inside the metal age when suppliers were metallic benders, no longer developers of advanced electronics.

Automakers are accurate in that the exception of electronics is negative. A 2018 file by J.D. Power confirmed that average car reliability is enhancing 12 months over a year. But it also confirmed that audio/conversation/amusement/navigation (AECN) stays the largest source of proceedings for the 0.33 year in a row. Meanwhile—and of plenty more hobby to the semiconductor enterprise—motive force-assistance troubles increasing 20% in line with a year. That range remains low because there aren’t too many of these systems on the street in comparison to the entire variety of motors, but those numbers probably will upward thrust substantially as those technologies display up in more cars.

Automotive Electronics

Automakers have answered to these lawsuits by using strengthening their failure in time (FIT) requirements for providers. Rather than elements lasting 7 to ten years, they now demand 0 defects for 18 years. Alternatively, they’re worrying 0 incidents in line with a part, which lets in suppliers a few wiggle room as it way that redundancy or possibly a failover should lessen those incidents to zero.

But their approach to these court cases is largely a knee-jerk response to one of the maximum fundamental shifts inside the history of vehicles. Moreover, it indicates simply how massive the disconnect is between automakers and their tier 1 and tier 2 providers, and present-day electronics. Automakers are doing precisely what has validated successfully over the past 70 years, which is to squeeze their providers rather than reconsider their enterprise model.

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Prior to Tesla, all the large improvements in automobile engineering have been weighted plenty extra closely at the mechanical aspect than electric—overhead camshafts, anti-lock brakes, gasoline injection, airbags. The chips used in those systems are primitive compared to the electronics in a robotic vacuum cleaner, and that they don’t put on out speedy due to the fact many of them consist of basic circuitry developed at zero.25-micron procedures or large. They are closely insulated to defend them from engine noise and vibration, and the traces/areas are so large that heat isn’t a first-rate hassle.

Adding advanced electronics, including 7nm AI structures for motive force assistance and independent driving, calls for a wholly unique approach. For one issue, these systems are so new that nobody has ever sincerely located how they behave over time. And whilst simulation and multiplied testing are beneficial, attempt simulating a 7nm AI chip used intermittently on a rutted dirt road inside the Mojave Desert, or one used pre-monsoon season in Bangalore while humidity is at its highest.

There are solutions to those troubles, however, all of them consume into income. Redundancy fees are extra than failover. Squeezing suppliers prices less than including in-circuit monitoring and continual testing of greater components. And depending solely on providers that follow stringent but old automobile guidelines at a given price factor, rather than seeking to solve these troubles with one of a kind architectural and packaging approaches, is like driving blindfolded on a twisty mountain road. You don’t realize what troubles you may come upon.

The primary problem is that carmakers are still wondering like carmakers when they want to be wondering like excessive-tech organizations. There are continually solutions to high-quality problems, however, they’re now not always easy in electronics. And traumatic that advanced electronics want to have defectivity quotes inside the elements according to trillion variety suggests simply how a good deal those carmakers still want to study.

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