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Tech - December 16, 2023

Top 5 Tech issues in 2019

Top 5 Tech issues in 2019 2

As the new 2019 unwinds, there are sure tech troubles a good way to be in priority for decision. Last 12 months become a substitute horrific one for tech and a few humans are concerned that 2019 will be no better.

What we will say is that the kingdom of the technological destiny notably depends on whether the problems defined beneath can be successfully resolved.

Top 5 Tech issues in 2019 3

1. Cybersecurity

This is a massive one. In 2018, there were quite a few huge hacks: Quora, Facebook, and Marriott. In the case of the ultimate one, the information of about 500 million users have been uncovered – how bad does it sound?

There is an issue about the country of the cybersecurity. Some human beings declare that businesses need to have stricter punishments for the breaches or they must enforce better safety practices. However, as one of the engineers from Silicon Valley says, Google and Facebook have some of the first-rate protection groups within the global. So how can the hassle of cybersecurity be fixed?

In its document, Wipro names Machine Learning & AI and Security Design & Architecture to be the top protection abilities for the imminent years. As nicely, the organization emphasized the importance of focusing on the subsequent areas of cybersecurity:


• User identity verification;

• Device validation;

• Limitation of getting entry to and privilege;

• Use of ML for better analytical insights.

All those steps together may be able to enhance the security, thwart the hack attempts and help agencies increase a better security method to shield the statistics and its users.

2. Technology and jobs

Another large concern is ready technologies replacing human beings and eliminating jobs.

The biggest question is: will AI indeed cast off the jobs, leaving masses of human beings jobless? Work automation is expected to threaten about 800 million jobs – but in going back, it’ll create even greater.

The major point to hold in mind is: technology will replace tasks however now not the actual jobs. The development of an era is aimed toward improving the work techniques and making them more correct, faster, and problem-loose.

While technology indeed can update those who are doing mundane jobs, in addition, they provide the opportunity to examine new competencies and apply them inside the new digitized environment. So the invasion of technology can be visible as a risk to re-organize the paintings approaches and sign human abilities to extra sophisticated and complex responsibilities.

3. Cryptocurrency

In 2019, we can see extra cryptocurrency and it’s going to give a boost to its presence.

Overall, this yr appears to be a promising one in terms of cryptocurrency. First, we now look at a mixture of reducing fees and strengthened fundamentals, that is beneficial for folks that need to grow their crypto holdings. Secondly, cryptocurrency turns into greater consideration as a payment technique, with some of the e-trade stores listing it along with credit score playing cards or PayPal.

There are some constraints that cryptocurrency now struggles to clear up and 2019 expects many thrilling initiatives related to this difficulty. For instance, the Bitcoin blockchain can presently manage the simplest 7 transactions in step with 2d – however, there’s an ongoing Lightning Network venture that says to put off this issue and leverage the Bitcoin blockchain performance.

4. Privacy

The issue of privacy pertains to the cybersecurity difficulty defined above.

In 2018, the European Union brought GDPR, which stands for “General Data Protection Regulation”. Among the others, considered one of its statements claims that each person has a proper to require justification for a sure choice by means of a corporation – and that became quite a venture for the monetary corporations that use AI and ML for the credit scoring, as an instance.

In 2019, businesses will keep to paintings with this regulation and its interpretation. As nicely, tech engineers will work tough on enhancing the AI-primarily based techniques to create higher protection and information protection algorithms and hold the user facts encrypted.

5. Customer-centric improvement

The development of cloud gaming, growing invasion of technology into the biggest industries (like retail or healthcare), cellular payments – these kinds of are signs that the technological development is aimed at the satisfaction of the clients’ demands in the direction of the pleasant and speed of service.

The rise of mobile and international digitization brought about the truth that modern customers anticipate every carrier and product to be delivered inside seconds while keeping extraordinary fine. This method a large subject of possibilities for savvy tech corporations to give you innovative solutions to automate, ease or quicken an existing but previous system to make it greater customer-friendly.


We should additionally add that 2019 may be busy for app development corporations as properly. As cell comes forward, increasingly groups will request improvement organizations to create a stellar cellular app for his or her enterprise.

This is needed due to the fact modern-day clients use their cellular gadgets as a primary supply of looking for records, products, and offerings. Mobile is becoming the center point of almost all financial transactions and day by day operations so service companies have to preserve up with the demand.

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