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AutoMotive - December 16, 2023

Top Automotive Trends In 2019: A Year Of Wows And Woes

Top Automotive Trends In 2019: A Year Of Wows And Woes 2

It’s time for our annual workout in trendspotting.

Last year we anticipated that international car income would be challenged and that changed into just what passed off, with worldwide passenger vehicle sales limping to marginal growth of simply over 400,000 devices in 2018. We had all our chips on the unstoppable upward thrust of mobility services and, with the aid of 12 months-give up, the pinnacle five experience-hailing agencies—Uber, Lyft, DiDi, Grab and Go-Jek—had been predicted to be well worth over $230 billion. We additionally anticipated that value-delivered offerings in automobile retail might be massive. So, on the one hand, software technology companies made further inroads into the automotive enterprise through offerings like utilization-based total insurance, new finance, and leasing offerings, and connected automobile services whilst, on the other, automobile groups kept their clients engaged and happy thru multiplied and improved after-income services and answers.


A Year Of Wows And Woes

This yr, I believe, may be a mixture of wows and woes. Automotive technologies will be clean, exciting and revolutionary however the uncertainties as a result of Brexit, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and China taking its foot off the boom accelerator will threaten to throw a spoke in the wheel. We’re in all likelihood to look the autumn of an automobile giant, the (close to) extinction of a car phase that has long described the famous vision of the automobile enterprise, a windfall for the titans of latest mobility, and lots, tons greater technology-driven disruption.

Internet Of Things (IoT) And AI Unleash Transformation: IoT and AI technology will maintain to revolutionize the car sector, using extraordinary modifications across the vehicle and tool connectivity, self-reliant riding, electric powertrains, and shared mobility. Think of your automobile turning into a mini-workplace along with your in-car private virtual assistant making the using revel in safer, extra efficient, and less fraught.

China Takes A Tumble: After a decade of income increase, the Chinese automobile juggernaut eventually stumbled, with the passenger automobile market declining in 2018. Expect a slowing economy, the developing uptake of shared mobility modes, the continued popularity of public transportation, and an increasingly saturated SUV marketplace to clip the wings of the Chinese dragon.
Ride-hailing IPOs Go Supersize: Expect some mega blockbuster journey-hailing IPOs in 2019. Among the big names set to hit the general public market are Uber, Lyft, and DiDi, with valuations beating the ones of properly-installed automobile organizations who’ve been building automobiles for over 75 years.

Top Automotive Trends In 2019: A Year Of Wows And Woes 3

The Future Of Mobility Is Multimodal: Public-non-public partnerships, reinforced via Big Data and facts analytics, will energy useful resource-green, bendy and on-call for multimodal mobility answers. This will dovetail with new policy tasks aimed at promoting streamlined and sustainable city transportation. At the equal time, anticipate more white-label adventure planning apps for B2B and tourists.

A Connected Environment With Features On Demand: A linked car ecosystem is nearer than we imagine. From powertrains and advanced motive force help systems to linked services and smart interiors, automobiles are getting extra linked each internally and externally. Business fashions—ranging from freemium wherein linked capabilities are provided either as a demo, charged one-off or are subscription primarily based to brief and long time subscriptions with one time, month-to-month and every year payment models—will evolve to keeping pace with this surprisingly networked and related surroundings. Just testing out Audi’s new eTron launch approach of offering an à l. A. Carte menu of alternatives where you can buy connected vehicle features on demand.

The Vehicle As Marketplace: Bask on your very own little (automotive) market. From the comfort of your car, get admission to a whole host of on-demand contextual offerings ranging from fuel and parking, meals ordering and payments, restaurant reservations, hotel bookings, navigation, signals on offers from your selected dealership and data on related brands and treasured gives.

Autonomous Shuttles And Taxis Zoom Closer To Reality: Forget all the one’s sci-fi movies. The day isn’t always a way when you’ll be hopping into an autonomous trip or a self-flying taxi within the real international. Car producers, mobility carrier vendors, and independent technology organizations are furiously pushing to be the primary to debut their vision of self-sufficient shared transportation.

But before that, be careful with the convergence of connected, self-reliant, protection and electric technologies as they devise 3 critical structures—electric powered, virtual, and electronic—so as to form the building blocks for self-sufficient car development. Amidst significant exchange in automobile structures and architecture, get equipped for improved diagnostics and automobile health tracking, streamlined electrical electricity systems, redundant braking and steerage systems, superior ease of use, better human-gadget interface (HMI) and infotainment features, superior cybersecurity modules and the developing redundancy of digital control gadgets (ECUs).

Electric Vehicles Are Charged And Ready To Go: More than 270 bold start-usage revving up the electric car (EV) enterprise. Stricter emissions policies might be followed by a flurry of latest version launches. Tesla higher scrambles because on the anvil are extra than forty-three showed model launches—25 battery EVs (BEVs) and 18 plug-in hybrid EVs (PHEVs)—in 2019. Gear up for electric mobility alternatives to come to be more pervasive in ride-sharing and micro-mobility solutions. Global xEV sales are anticipated to develop 38% over 2018 to reach 6.7 million gadgets.

Despite an increase in EV and hybrid vehicles, don’t rely upon out petrol powertrains simply yet. Advances in the petrol engine generation will further affect already beleaguered diesel powertrains, however, will facilitate the transition to opportunity fuels.

And subsequently, charging technologies will make a quick dash to trap up with advances in EV technologies. While BEVs will pass towards 350kW+ DC charging, PHEVs will begin 50kW+ DC charging. As Combined Charging System (CCS+) technology becomes general, fast charging EV charging stations become as convenient to use as your nearby gas station.

Vehicle Subscription Services Are Here To Stay: Thanks to millennials and Gen Zers who are expected to come to be their largest clients, and the growing preference for access to, as opposed to ownership of, an automobile, subscription services are prepared to blow up. Over 16.3 million new and used automobiles are predicted to be part of the vehicle subscription universe with the aid of 2025.
Gen Zers Become The Key Influencers: As Gen Z comes into its personal, OEMs will depart from traditional automobile features, layout and capabilities to embrace a brand new, Gen Z inflected idiom that meets their unique needs.
Automakers Scramble To Deal With Fallout Of Trade Deals

The automotive enterprise will want to brace for a difficult experience in 2019. New vehicle sales in rising markets like Thailand, Turkey, and Slovakia are projected to decline slightly this year because of growing car prices, and cannibalization via public transportation and new mobility options. This can be offset by way of marginal increase in new vehicle sales in other emerging markets together with India, Brazil, and Mexico.

Overall, Latin America will be the savior on wheels, driven basically with the aid of a resurgent Brazil. Strong GDP increase, solid sales, specifically inside the SUV section, and coverage impetus through ‘Rota 2030’, a growth and modernization approach concentrated on the united states of America’s automobile sector, are set to make 2019 a standout year for the Brazilian automotive industry.

In much less uplifting news, Brexit, USMCA and america-China alternate struggle will keep to forged darkish shadows on the automobile enterprise. New car manufacturing and sales are anticipated to experience setbacks. As the industry tries to experience out this difficult yr, assume to see more alliances between automakers and attractive after income services to entice customers.

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