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Internet - February 26, 2024

What do you do when your internet is down? A Bay Village woman known as News 5

What do you do when your internet is down? A Bay Village woman known as News 5 1

Ever had problems together with your internet and cable offerings? Maybe it turned into installation, billing, or trying to find a company rep that will help you. Well, you’re no longer on my own.

“My feelings were terrible,” said Stella Parkin. “This is going on and on… I could not accept as true with that a communique business enterprise wasn’t communicating.”

Parkin’s internet provider agreement with WOW was finishing, so she decided to interchange to AT&T. However, for the duration of set up, there have been issues connecting it. “I waited two hours went by means of. Nobody. Another two hours go with the aid of. I referred to as the main wide variety,” she said.

Parkin said she got bounced around.

“I were given like 10 names, numbers, case numbers, telephone numbers.”

Plus, she instructed us that she obtained various evaluations.

“Somebody tells me something and then another character tells me something different.” Then, there was a glimmer of hope. “Got it hooked up but then it handiest worked for about 12 hours. After that it went down again,” she informed us. “Any appointments I made with AT&T they canceled. Then they made appointments for me that they are sending me, but I didn’t make them and I can not hold them.”


One of the most important troubles Parkin had become outdoor. She already had internet service, however, the installer from AT&T reduce the twine.

“The man by no means requested for any permission if he ought to disconnect any modern-day internet server,” Parkin said. She wanted to overlap her internet services simply in case there was a problem with putting in AT&T’s line.

Five On Your Side Investigators discovered, within the past 3 years, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office obtained 773 proceedings about internet-kind services and a further 2,564 complaints within the cable/bundling sector. The AG’s workplace said cable/bundling is continually in the top five maximum-complained-approximately patron problems every 12 months and that closing 12 months it becomes No. Three.

Plus, in step with the American Consumer Satisfaction Index that monitors diverse sectors of commercial enterprise, internet, and cable both get a sixty-two out of one hundred. That’s the bottom of any location it’s tracked. Even federal and neighborhood authorities sections get a higher grade.

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“I’m simply getting more uninterested, extra fed up,” said Parkin approximately how she felt in the course of her installation problems. “Then, I decided to name Channel five.”

We contacted AT&T. The corporation acted speedily and responsibly. It gave Parkin multiple hundred dollars in credit to her account partially because her very own hardware turned into also reduce off.

In the end, she does have an internet carrier now.

“I desired to thank (News five) for making that cellphone call whoever you contacted. You have been capable of getting somewhere,” Parkin said.

Five On Your Side, Investigators will stay on Parkin’s case to make certain her billing is accurate, too, in spite of everything of this.

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