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Internet - February 26, 2024

How to Make Internet Searches Easier for Older Relatives

How to Make Internet Searches Easier for Older Relatives 1

Setting up a laptop in your grandparent or determine can be frustrating, mainly in case you’re seeking to do it over the phone with them. If you can genuinely get your hands on the computer, although, you have got an opportunity to make their Internet experience way higher.

Redditor u/TyrKiyote shared on r/LifeProTips that they were given their 80-year-old grandpa’s computer geared up for him by way of manipulating the set of rules on YouTube:

When putting in place a laptop for an older family member, high their search history.


I set up a Chromebook for my grandparents. I had the factor for some days, categorized it and attempted to make it simple and first-class. I think the element that made the most important distinction even though, become performing some youtube searches of things I knew they liked.

Now while grandpa receives the concept that he wants to see what this computer stuff is about he sees recommended motion pictures about Glen Campbell and backyard farmer in preference to what youtube feeds by default. It’s already made a massive difference – instead of feeling lost he’ll see something and click on it, and it becomes him watching what he needs by means of searching instead of what receives fed to him over the TV (at least every so often).

This will be implemented to a number of popular web sites that a less savvy computer user may peruse, beginning with Google. You’re now not most effective helping them see the sorts of stuff they’re interested in, however, you may additionally be redirecting them from the messed-up stuff that tends to upward thrust to the pinnacle of search feeds without path; in fact, u/WayneFire commented that they’d this exact problem with their grandpa:

Fantastic concept. Wish I did this after I installation stuff for my grandpa. Didn’t expect him to watch YouTube that a great deal. Now he’s been watching a group of conspiracy theories with the ones “bizarre green frog.” He’s an extremely good person … However, I suppose the merits better leisure.

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If you’re no longer certain what someone might be interested in, you can test out their bookshelves, seek movie and track clips from the technology in their adolescents, or just ask them without delay what they want to apply the Internet for (except porn). There is lots of power in a touch search—as u/mr_li_jr responded, “Use the electricity of big records for excellent, no longer evil.”

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