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AutoMotive - February 18, 2024

Imagine by Kia: a new all-electric concept car exhibited

Imagine by Kia: a new all-electric concept car exhibited 1

Kia Motors has revealed its new all-electric powered concept car, ‘Imagine via Kia’, on the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show.

“Automotive layout is about taking pictures the coronary heart and making it beat that bit quicker for that bit longer. We consider that there’s sincerely no reason why that needs to alternate virtually because the auto is electrical,” says Gregory Guillaume, Vice President of Design for Kia Motors Europe. “That’s why our all-electric concept is designed to no longer most effective get your pulse racing but to additionally signpost our holistic and emotional approach to electrification.”

“Today’s drivers understandably have many questions about electric vehicles. They’re involved approximately variety, the recharging community, and whether electric powered vehicles will still be dynamic and attractive to force. So, whilst we first started considering this concept and imagining what its role could be, we knew that the best manner to answer those questions and cope with the one issues became by means of drawing close electrification basically from an emotional point of view.”

This human-centric attitude is flawlessly aligned with Kia’s mindset on an automotive layout, as Guillaume explains. “When they communicate about their electric automobiles, many carmakers sell the identical rational and empirical data-driven messages as they do with their internal combustion engined vehicles, together with range, economic system, and overall performance criteria.”

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“Kia prides itself on its energy to wonder, which is why we desired to transport far from the rational and focus on the emotional and embrace a hotter and more human approach to electrification. After all, strength is located inside every atom, it’s the electricity that flows within us and round us on our planet. Harnessing its capability has propelled us ahead from one innovation to the subsequent,” says Guillaume.

A visual embodiment of Kia’s desire to transport forward in the interesting international of electrification, ‘Imagine through Kia’ is the corporation’s first natural electric powered 4-door passenger automobile. Unlike the award-winning e-Niro electric-powered crossover, which is based totally on the existing architecture of the hybrid-powered Niro, ‘Imagine by using Kia’ is underpinned by using a low-set up, induction-charged battery % that powers a compact drivetrain.

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