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Mobile - February 16, 2024

PUBG Mobile zombie mode: Special enemies and Resident Evil outfits

PUBG Mobile zombie mode: Special enemies and Resident Evil outfits 1

In PUBG zombie mode, you will come upon some special enemies aside from the everyday zombies courtesy the Resident Evil 2 collaboration with PUBG. They are harder to kill and spawn some rare guns upon being killed. Here is a list of those special foes:

The Licker

Four-legged and agile, this creature can show difficult to tackle especially if there are of them and you are alone. It attacks with its claws and every scratch decreases your health via approximately 20 percentage. So, better kill it speedily and gain a few rewards like the M134, med kits, ammo and so forth. That spawn after the Licker is lifeless.

Tyrant/Mr. X

Tyrant can be stated to be one of the maximum well-known characters from the Resident Evil franchise. If you are seeking to raid any air-drops, you’ll locate the Tyrant there. Defeating the Tyrant gets you some degree-3 gear and guns.

G (Stage 1)

William Birkin, additionally called G (Stage 1), is one of the strongest characters in the sport and generally seems at the Police Station. You need quite a few ammo to beat this one and putting off this biggie can grant you a few uncommon loots just like the M134 gun which could percent in 2 hundred rounds in an unmarried clip.

PUBG Mobile zombie mode unique clothing

Along with the brand new enemies, PUBG Mobile’s new update has additionally got some unique Resident Evil-themed clothes for the gamers. Here’s a list.

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Leon Skin Set

The Leon Scott Kennedy pores and skin set is now to be had in the sport. The outfit could provide you with Leon’s costume hair and face. This outfit is based totally upon the Resident Evil individual.

Ada Costume

In another go-over, you may also get the Ada Wong dress. This gown of the anti-hero may be determined in Premium Crates.

Claire Skin Set

Claire is an American Special Police officer and the pores and skin set could get you the face, hair, and gown. You may additionally buy it from the in-game store.

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