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Good News For Huawei: Microsoft, Intel Promise Laptop Support

Good News For Huawei: Microsoft, Intel Promise Laptop Support 2

Huawei laptop proprietors can breathe a sigh of comfort — for now, at the least.
Both Microsoft and Intel have promised to maintain to guide Huawei laptops with software updates so clients can preserve their laptops included from ability security vulnerabilities.

Good News For Huawei: Microsoft, Intel Promise Laptop Support 3

This glimmer of accurate news follows weeks of setbacks for Huawei which have resulted inside the put off (and possible cancellation) of new MacBook products. Microsoft and Intel’s backing could not come at a higher time as uncertainty about the Chinese tech giant’s future in the U.S. Continues to mount. There was a growing challenge that Huawei laptops could stop receiving important Windows updates after the employer was blacklisted by way of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Microsoft remained quiet on the problem for several weeks or even briefly dropped Huawei devices from its online shop.

“We stay devoted to providing first-rate customer reviews,” Microsoft told PCWorld, “Our initial evaluation of the United States Department of Commerce’s decision on Huawei has indicated we may also preserve to offer Microsoft software updates to customers with Huawei gadgets.”

Similarly, Intel confirmed to PCWorld that it would offer protection and driver updates to stop customers who use Intel-powered Huawei laptops.

We had previously said that Huawei laptops were again in stock on the Microsoft shop, but recommended in opposition to shopping for them due to the risk of Microsoft halting aid. Now that Microsoft and Intel have shown their persisted assist, we experience higher approximately recommending them, mainly due to the fact Huawei laptops (just like the MacBook X Pro) are a number of the exceptional around. However, you still might want to maintain off as matters can quickly alternate on this rapidly evolving political landscape.

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