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Social - February 21, 2024

Here’s the key to social media marketing for real estate agents and LOs

Here's the key to social media marketing for real estate agents and LOs 1

Most real estate and loan specialists agree that growing content and the usage of social media is important to achieving customers and referral companions in nowadays’s a market.

As essential as it’s miles, many of them still discover it overwhelming. Social media is frequently romanticized as a magic bullet, and whilst the luster wears off and the work starts offevolved, many are left frustrated.

I get lots of comments approximately the disappointment that comes from no longer knowing what sort of content to create, locating the time to create it, and determining what or where to publish it. All of these limitations may be triumph over by way of first growing one larger piece of content known as pillar content material.

Pillar content is virtually one larger piece of content material, generally about something you’re inquisitive about or has the principle message you are trying to proportion, that may be damaged down or re-purposed into smaller pieces of micro-content that may be shared across many social platforms.

The example I share most often is my personal podcast. Last year I commenced the Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast with the main message of helping loan and real estate specialists construct an powerful and green loan enterprise.

I interview enterprise specialists who percentage marketing and lead technology pointers, as well as insights on in which the industry is going. I document those 30-forty five minute interviews in a video convention, and this becomes my pillar content.

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A recording like this could be utilized in some of the special approaches. The audio can be made into a podcast, smaller audio clips can be used as flash briefings, the video can be chopped up into a spotlight reel, charges may be used to create textual content images, the transcript may be a weblog submit, and frames can be used as photographs.

But you don’t need to realize the way to do all this to make this method work for you.

Simply find a terrific piece of content material: A news article that speaks immediately to issues affecting your target market, an interview with a person knowledgeable approximately the market, a roundup of stats that paint a compelling picture. Look at your change companies and industry news outlets for ideas.

Take this one excellent piece of pillar content material and ruin it down. Pull it aside and put up those tidbits across diverse social media sites – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – something it is which you use. Find a way to demonstrate the statistics the usage of online infographic equipment to make it visually charming.

There are endless approaches to generate things to percentage from the only unique pillar, and time turns into less of an difficulty. You surely generate one pillar at a time and publish the different versions on specific social platforms.

It’s critical to remember that social media advertising and marketing is meant to be simply that: social. When two people are having a verbal exchange, one of them doesn’t start out by means of announcing the whole thing they’ve on their thoughts, the communication is going from side to side depending on every different’s reaction.

Marketing on social media must be very plenty the identical. Start plenty of conversations via posting loads of pieces of content, concentrate on the responses while you get engagement, and use the ones as remarks to decide what to mention next.

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