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Social - February 21, 2024

Is Facebook Becoming Social Media’s Retirement Home?

Is Facebook Becoming Social Media's Retirement Home? 1

Could it be that Facebook is becoming social media’s retirement domestic? Although that query might seem a touch bit along way-fetched, younger humans are leaving the social community in droves at the same time as increasing numbers of over-55s are signing up. In a fashionable, Facebook is suffering to preserve its user base and nowadays the social community has an anticipated 15 million fewer customers within the U.S. Than it did in 2017. That’s according to statistics launched on Wednesday by way of Edison Research which indicates that 67% of the population aged over 12 used Facebook in 2017, a discern that stands at 61% these days.


Young human beings are at the center of the exodus at the same time as growing numbers of over-55s are signing up. Back in 2017, Edison Research located that 79% of the coveted 12 to 34-12 months -vintage demographic used Facebook and that share now fallen to 62%. The consumer proportion within the 35-54 age bracket stood at 74% in 2017 and that fell to 69% in 2018 and remained that way in 2019. The records also show that the proportion of human beings elderly fifty five+ using Facebook grew from 49% to 53% between 2017 and 2019. No surprise all those teenagers had been complaining approximately buddy requests from mother and father, aunts, and uncles.

Why are younger users ditching Facebook? While the file did not provide any stable motives for the downward fashion, it could well be that Facebook’s privacy troubles and breaches of considering are beginning to have an impact. The rapid emergence of Instagram and Snapchat is any other strong reason with both systems notably attractive to younger customers due to their simplicity and the reality that they gather much less personal data. Instagram is of course owned through Facebook and the person migration problems may force the business enterprise into rolling out a widely wide-spread messaging device for you to place a stop to the exodus. Otherwise, Facebook may eventually have to be given that it’s on the road to turning into social media’s retirement home.

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