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The Surface Centaurus might run Android apps, but is that a good idea?

The Surface Centaurus might run Android apps, but is that a good idea? 1

A leaked file from Forbes has dropped specifications for Microsoft’s subsequent Surface 2-in-1, code-named Centaurus In addition to dual, 9-inch screens and an Intel 10nm Lakefield processor, yet another vital detail was leaked. Android apps. That’s proper. A Microsoft Surface tool in the future ought to release with Android apps and the Google Play Store integrated.

These varieties of leaks ought to constantly be thinking about a grain of salt, but permits consider for a second the record is true. Are Android apps a terrific concept?


In an interview simply closing week, Microsoft founder Bill Gates turned into requested his largest regret from his time with Microsoft. His answer? Android apps. Owning the second one-biggest cellular app atmosphere became something Microsoft could have been capable of doing if the cellular has been an extreme part of the roadmap early on. Instead, the Windows Phone platform performed 0.33 fiddle to iOS and Android. Apps by no means made their way to the platform in big numbers, even principal ones like Instagram and YouTube.

That hassle lingers on Windows 10 drugs. Despite the fulfillment of Microsoft’s 2-in-1s like the Surface Pro or Surface Go, pill mode has always been a weakness. They paintings terrific as ultra-portable laptops, however after you disconnect the keyboard and try and use them as a pill, the enjoy leaves loads to be desired. The Microsoft Store is barren, lacking a great deal of what you use day by day for your cellphone, even containing cloned lookalikes that you ought to stay far away from. It’s no longer an excellent state of affairs.

Android apps sound like a smart answer for Microsoft. If this new tool has handiest a 9-inch display screen, cellular apps will experience more cozy to apply than local desktop options. They’re greater touch-friendly, that’s for positive. According to Windows Central, Android app implementation turned into also rumored to be in the works for the delayed Project Andromeda, so why now not on an iPad-sized device?

Project Centaurus is rumored to apply something referred to as Windows Lite, a greater efficient model of Windows intended for smaller devices. It’s based totally on Windows Core OS, a modular platform of shared core factors that may be used throughout a wide range of devices, from the VR headsets to massive-display screen codecs just like the Surface Hub 2.

So, Android apps at the Centaurus is a no brainer, right? Well…perhaps no longer.


Google ported the whole Google Play Store over to Chrome OS for reasons that mirror Microsoft’s. Though maximum applications are available on the internet, they aren’t made with smaller touchscreens in mind. That became a hassle as soon as Chrome OS added touchscreen help. Android apps, optimized for touch by means of default, seemed like the solution.

It wasn’t.

The push for ChromeOS capsules to challenge the iPad culminated inside the release of the Pixel Slate in late 2018. Unlike the Pixelbook, which changed into meant to be used mainly as a clamshell, the Pixel Slate lived and died on Google’s pill mode. Despite the promise of that tool, the software program never quite knew what to do with Android apps. They have been buggy, poorly optimized, and difficult to navigate. Compared to the software experience of an iPad, it was a multitude.

In true Google style, the tool has been canned, along with side paintings on any future internal pill initiatives. Google owns the Play Store and has more impact on Android apps than any other company inside the global, however, it couldn’t make Android apps paintings well on its own Chrome OS tablet.

Why does Microsoft suppose it could succeed where Google failed?

microsoft_windows_lite_release_date_features_thumb800.jpg (800×450)

That’s no longer clean. Microsoft does have some motives to wish, but. With Surface, Microsoft owns a brand of hardware that human beings recognize. It’s a brand associated with 2-in-1 devices that bridge the space among special form factors. With the proper device, it just is probably able to deliver sufficient devices to honestly convince app builders to go back to its Android apps.

Microsoft additionally has a good courting with the businesses that create most of the people of Windows PCs like Dell, Lenovo, and HP. Under Microsoft’s lead, those organizations may have the confidence to go into the marketplace with competitive machines and push the number of Android drugs in use even higher. That’s an option Google doesn’t have.

Let’s wish that this time Microsoft, has the courage to stay with it — and make Bill Gates proud.

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